Safety Policy Statement

The Club Committee places the highest priority on ensuring that the safest practicable environment is created and maintained both within the clubhouse and whilst on the water. The following information has been produced so that all Loch Lomond Rowing Club members are aware of the safe practices they are expected to adhere to and abide by. 

The Club Captain is the person who holds the responsibility for providing a safe boating environment both within the boathouse and on the water. In discharging this responsibility the Captain shall be assisted by a Safety Officer (SO) who will take all practicable steps to ensure that the Club remains compliant with the relevant safety codes. All Club members are personally accountable to the Captain for complying with safety instructions.

Young Persons and Vulnerable Adults – LLRC has adopted the Scottish Rowing Safeguarding Policies to include Codes of Conduct as linked below. The Committee requires all adult members who will have regular contact with, training, supervising or being in sole charge of children and young people to undergo an Enhanced Disclosure check. All members are to be aware of the Club’s policy for the protection of young persons. The policy provides guidance that helps ensure that:

  • Adults conduct themselves in a manner consistent with safeguarding the welfare of the young people within the club
  • Adults avoid compromising situations or opportunities for misunderstandings or allegations
  • All adult members know what is expected of them if they have any doubts about the welfare of young persons within the club
  • All child (for the purpose of this policy defined as a person under the age of 18 years) members know what to do if they are in any way concerned about their own welfare

The club has a zero tolerance approach to any acts of emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, negative discrimination (including racism) or bullying.

Club Safety Instructions

The club has 10 safety instructions to assist members in maintaining their awareness of the safe practices and policies which they are expected to abide by.

Child Wellbeing & Vulnerable Adult Protection

All adult members have a responsibility to ensure that young people are protected from harm. Equally an adult should avoid situations where their actions could be misinterpreted.

Safeguarding Policies

Read the Scottish Rowing policies and codes of conduct that Loch Lomond Rowing Club have adopted.