Read about the events we’ve been competing at and the latest results

1 February 2020

Durham Small Boats Head

Eva raced in two divisions with her partner from Durham AC (Gill Prescott) . The first race was in WMas E/F 2x and after touching the bridge with the blades going through the bridge they won in 8.14min ((7.16.3 ajusted time). Their second race was in the WMasC/D 2x and they had a faster row of 8:08.8min (7:39.9) ajusted time) and also won. Well done!

7 December 2019

Rutherford Head

Eva Rankin went to the Rutherford Head on the Tyne and she WON the W Masters C/F/D 4x in a composite with Durham (Gill, Chris, Joyce). The time was 20.53.5min (19.03.8 adjusted time to handicap) over a 4.5km course against the tide and against the stream. Laura McKenzie, now rowing for Glasgow Uni had a win in the 1st division in the W4- in Band 2.WELL DONE 

24 November 2019

Vets 4’s Head

Michale Yeomans and Fiona Davidson were rowing in the Vets 4’s Head in London on the Thames, winning the Mixed Masters A-C 4x (5km) in a composite crew with the Royal Air Force – 20:40min.The race is raced on the ebb tide from the University Stone, Mortlake to Ranelagh Sailing Club, Putney.

23 November 2019

Scottish Indoor Championship

1st place for the WJ18 team with Eilidh McGowan, Jessica McQueenn, Martha Coombes and Freya Buchanan. 2nd Place for Lynn Buchanan in the Lwt over 50 – her 1st indoor competitionIn the WJ18 we had a 4th (Eilidh), an 8th (Martha), a 9th (Freya) and an 11th (Jessica) place.

The boys, Euan and Lachlan, did really well in their first year of J18 with a 9th and 13th place and good times of 6.46 and 6.49min

Rhona was 8th in the WJ16, Ashley was 9th in the over 50’s and the mixed open team of Jane, Lynn, Martin and Ash were 7th!

2 November 2019

Glasgow 4’s Head

WJu 18 girls, Eilidh McGowan, Martha Coombes, Jessica McQueen, Rhona Mackinnon, Feya Buchanan competed in the Ju18 4x and in the Nov4+. They were 2nd in both. Eva was in an R2 4x+ in a composite with Castle Semple and was 2nd too. The conditions were lovely!

19 October 2019

Clydesdale Scullers Head

In the doubles, Jessica and Eilidh were 2nd in the WJ18 2x and so were Lachlan and Euan in the J18 2x.

In the singles: Junior 18 – Eilidh McGowan 5th (17.17min), Lachlan Mackinnon 6th (15.12min) Euan McKenzie 7yh (15.19min), Jessica McQueen 7th (17.33), Rory Sullivan 10th (16.08) Erin Cunningham in her first long distance race, was the only J14 (20.37min)

6 October 2019

Pairs Head of River

Great result for Eva and Gill Prescott (Durham RC) winning the Women’s Masters F/G event at the Pairs Head, fastest of 7 in their category, 37 seconds ahead of the next fastest and 307th overall out of 418 finishers

28 September 2019

Monster the Loch

Monster the Loch is the first mass participation boat race on Loch Ness. All human powered types are invited to race, but as the weather and the Monster can be unpredictable the boats must be sea worthy.The Loch is 21miles long and 1 mile wide. A large fleet of over 60 crafts of various shapes and sizes with around 270 participants took part in this event. The race run from Fort Augustus to Dores.Eva was part of a crew of 6 in the sea-worthy ‘Swift’ – Hazel Smith and Hazel Gaddis from Inverness RC, Robert Young from St Andrew RC, Ailie Ord and Laura Graham from SPRC, who swapped over at the halve way point. It started of nice and calm, but the waves got higher and higher to the point were the waves were swamping the boat and the rowers and they had to stop every 1500m to bail it out. For the last 5km they were a man down after the waves were strong enough to snap a poor crewmate’s blade.

28 September 2019

Scottish Junior Sculling Head

Great result from Eilidh McGowan and Jessica McQueen

WJu18 2x – Eilidh and Jessica were 3rd – bronze medal (7:49.5) and Martha and Freya 13th (8:02.5)

OJu18 2x – Lachlan and Euan were 6th (7:05.4)

OJu 18 1x – Lachlan was 9th (7:38.6) and Euan was 19th (8:02.3)

WJu18 1x – Eilidh was 5th (8:40.9) and Jessica was 14th (8:57.6)

WJu18 4x – Martha, Freya, Eilidh, Jessica were 6th (7:29.1)

11 September 2019

World Rowing Masters Regatta

It was only Eva from LLRC who ventured to Hungary for the World Masters Rowing Regatta. The conditions for the regatta were brilliant with glorious sunshine and mostly calm water.The regatta attracted over 5000 entries representing 52 countries and concluded on Sunday with 89 mixed races. Because of the large number of entries races started every 3 minutes during the regatta, meaning no progression system through heats, semi-finals and finals, so all races were in effect finals with medals awarded to the winner of each race. Competitors at the regatta ranged in age from 27 to 93 and competed in races grouped by those nearest in age. Eva came away with two wins – WF2x with Ailie Ord (SPRC) and Mixed G2x with John Appelby (Durham RC).

She also had 4 second places (WF1x, WG4x, WF4x, Mixed G4x) and two third places. It was a very well organised regatta with superb facilities and plenty of staff on hand when needed.

27 July 2019

Home International Regatta

Laura and Lily were invited to compete for Scotland in the Home Int. Regatta!

Laura McKenzie won the WJ4- (7:14.00) with her crew mates H. Gordon {Inverness RC}, M. McClure-Rothero {St Andrew BC} and R. Patton {Edinburgh University BC} and she was 3rd in the WJ 8+ (7:03.37)

Lily Young with E. Morrison {Clydesdale ARC} were 3rd in the JW 2x (7:36.50) and also was 3rd in the JW 4x with E. Milne {Glasgow Academy RC}, O. Bell {Strathclyde Park RC} and E. Morrison {Clydesdale ARC}

Well done both girls, specially Laura winning her first Gold Medal for Scotland!

19 July 2019

British Junior Championships

6 juniors went to Nottingham to compete against the rest of Great Britain in their age groups.We have a BRITISH CHAMPION in the WJ18 4- Laura McKenzie! After winning the Semi Finals (8:00.06), Laura in a composite WJ18 4- with Inverness and St Andrew WON the ‘A’ final (8:19.77) – GOLD MEDAL!

After winning the Semi Finals (8:06.15), Lily Young in a composite WJ18 4x with Clydesdale, SPRC, George Watson was 3rd in the ‘A’ final (8:51.78) – BRONZE MEDAL!

Lachlan MacKinnon and Euan McKenzie in the OJ16 2x were 3rd in the Semi Finals (7{58.58) and 6th in the ‘A’ final (8:51.78)!

Lily and Laura, in the WJ18 2x were 4th in the Semi Finals (9:11.70) and they were 4th in the ‘B’ Final (8:57.81)!!

Jessica McQueen, in the WJ16 single was 5th in the Semi Finals (10:24.18) and 5th in the ‘B’ Final (10:42.89)!!

Eilidh McGowan was 13th in the time trial, just missing out by one place for the A, B semi finals. She was 1st in the ‘C’ final.

12 July 2019

Henley Masters Regatta

Eva was the only Master rower from LLRC venturing to the Henley Masters. It is the same course than the Royal or Women’s Henley Regatta, just a bit shorter – only 1000m WG 2x Eva with Birgith Sims (Kingston RC) – won the semi finals against Twickenham and won the final against San Diego RC by 41/2 lengthsWF 2x Eva with Ursula Tanner (Ardenly RC) – won the semi finals against TauntanRC/French, but lost the final against Chinnock Performance RC from USA

6 July 2019

Talkin Tarn Regatta

Glorious conditions for Talkin Tarn Regatta  – warm and sunny and no wind –  and an excellent day’s racing over 700m and 3 lanes with stake-boat starts.With heats and finals, Eva won the WC/D/E 2x with Clare Rainbow (Castle Semple) and the WE/F 4x with Clare Rainbow (Castle Semple), Jo Lewis (Talkin Tarn) and Alison Gordon (Nithsdale).

20 June 2019

Henley Women’s Regatta

Loch Lomond Rowing Club was represented by Lily Young and Laura McKenzie.Laura competed in the Aspirational Club 4- (in a composite with Gordon – INV, Hewison and Topp – ASR) andLily competed in the J4x (in a composite with Morrison – CLD, Bell – SCP, Dickerson – GWC).

Both made it through the time trials (fastest 16) and Lily’s quad was beaten by LeaRC in the heats.Laura’s 4 – won their heat against Cantabrigian RC and won the quater final against Vesta RC, but unfortunately were just beaten by Thames RC in the Semi finals.

15 June 2019

British Masters Championships

The weather was a bit crazy and you got 4 seasons in one day – sun, rain, thunde and a lot of wind.444 crews from 81 clubs competed including our LLRC masters, Eva, Fiona and Michael.The result was: Gold in WMasF 2x for Eva Rankin and Gill Prescott (Durham)Silver for Eva,Gill and Helen from Durham and Sue from X-Press in a composite in WMasD/E 4x-2nd Place for Fiona Davidson and Michael in a composite with RAF in Mixed C4x.

7 June 2019

Scottish Championships

1st Places:

OJu16 2x – Euan McKenzie, Lachlan MacKinon (7:26.96) – 1st in B final
OJu16 1x – Lachlan MacKinon (8:47.43) – 1st in E final

WJ18 2x – Laura McKenzie and Lily Young (8:22.44) – 4th in A final
WMast 4x E – Eva Rankin in a composite with Castle Semple (3:55.80)

2nd Places:

W Ju16 4x – Eilidh McGowan in a composite with Clydesdale ARC (8:08.95)
W Ju18 4x – Lily Young in a composite with Clydesdale/George Wattson/SPRC (7:37.40)
W Ju18 2- – Laura Mckenzie in a composite with Inverness (Gordon) (9:09.46) – 1st in B final

3rd Places:

W Ju18 1x – Lily Young (8:24.10) – 1st in B final
W Ju14 1x – Rhona Mackinnon (4:46.50) – 3rd in the A final

18 May 2019

Castle Semple Regatta

Loch Lomond RC had a strong team at Lochwinnoch with several 1st places and lots of 2nd and 3rd places! 

1st Places:

WR2 2x – Laura McKenzie and Lily Young
WNov 2x – Martha Coombes and Freya Buchanan
WMas 4x – Eva Rankin in a composite with Castle Semple
R2 2x – Euan McKenzie and Lachlan Mackinnon
J16 2x- Euan and Lachlan
Nov 2x – Lynn Buchana and Ash Coombes
WJ18 2x – Laura and Lily
WJ18 2- – Laura in a composite with Inverness RC

2nd Places:

J16 1x – Lachlan
WJ18 1x – Lily
WJ16 2x – Rhona Mackinnon and Jessica McQueen
WJ16 1x Eilidh McGowan
WJ16 4x Amy Morris in a composite with SPRC
WJ14 1x Rhona Mackinnon

3rd Places:

WJ13 1x – Erin Cunningham
Mas 2x A-D – Nick Ryal and Karen (Castle Semple) WJ16 2x – Eilidh and Evie Hylands

10 May 2019

Durham City Regatta

Eva Rankin of Loch Lomond and Gill Prescott of DARC achieved a notable double success over the weekend. After winning the WMasF 2x at Durham City Regatta on Saturday they headed off to Nottingham to race again over the 1000m course at a very placid-looking Holme Pierrepont on Sunday in the Nottingham City and Masters Regatta, beating Henley RC to win the band 1 WMasF 2x (4:12.6)and then teaming up with Birgith Sims and Caroline Willet from Kingston RC to win the band 1 WMasE 4x- (3:54.5), this time beating Eton Excelsior and Henley.

Fiona Davison and Michael Yeomans (rowing for the RAF) also competed at the Nottingham masters, in a mixed C double (4:17.8), just loosing to the Broadland/Yarn crew and in a mixed C quad (4:02.0), having to give Runcorn a head start since they were Masters D. Well done Fiona in racing in England for the first time.

27 April 2019

Spring Regatta

Saturday’s weather was very unpredictable, one minute it was sunny and wind still, the next minute it was raining, cloudy, very windy, cold and high waves
1st place – Eva Rankin WMas D-E 4x (3:57.61), in a composite with Castle Semple (Karen, Clare, Melanie)
2nd place – Lily Young in the WJu18 singles (8:31.42)
3rd place – Lachlan Mackinnon in the OJu 16 single (9:24.59 – 8.08.58 in the heat)
3rd place – Euan McKenzie in the ONov 1x (3:57.75)

Sunday’s weather was a lot better, more sunshine and less wind and waves

1st – Lachlan Mackinnon and Euan McKenzie in OJu 16 2x (7:29.80)
1st – Lachlan Mackinnon and Euan McKenzie in the ONov 2x (3:36.86)
1st – Laura McKenzie and Lily Young in WJu18 2x (8:08.67)
2nd – Laura McKenzie and Lily Young in the WRes2 2x (8:10.72)
3rd – Rhona Mackinnon in the WJu14 1x (4:37.94)

2 March 2019

Yorkshire Head

5000m downstream on the River Ouse from Rawcliffe Landing to Lendal Bridge, in the heart of York. Eva again was in a composite Master F quad with Gill (Durham), Jacky (Barns Bridge) and Lisa (Mortlake Anglian&Alpha). The quad won the masters event in 21.34.3min (adjusted handicapped time – 20.43.3min). They were 64th overall, from 167 boats (from all age groups and 8’s and 4’s and 2’s) with their raw time.

3 Feb 2019

SUBC Head of River

Most of our Juniors headed to Glasgow for the 4km head race.

In the 1st Division Euan and Lachlan had a great row in the J16 2x (15.01min), but unfortunately they did not have any opposition.

The W J16 4x+ (Katy, Jessica, Alex, Eilidh, Erin) were 2nd (17.35min) and in the W J18 2x, Kim and Lily were 3rd and Martha and Freya were 4th.

In the 2nd Division we had a win with Euan in Nov 1x (15.54) with Lachlan a very close 2nd place (16.02). Lily won the W J18 1x in 16.55min.

Well done everybody!

2 Feb 2019

Durham Small Boats Head

With a nearly blue sky, but very cold and frosty, Eva won the W2x (Band1) with her double partner Gill Prescott (DurhamAC). Since there were no other Women Masters, Eva and Gill had to row in the     W Elite with no handicap given and they still managed to beat the youngsters. Well done!