In their penultimate race for Loch Lomond Rowing Club (at least for now!) – Euan McKenzie and Lachlan McKinnon competed in the Open J18 2x at Nottingham. The competition was fierce and the boys did incredibly well to come away with 3rd in the B Final, beating their rivals Matthews & Waddell of Stirling Rowing Club.

The strong result was testiment to the boy’s hard work, in particular over the lockdown. They have demonstrated the commitment needed in this sport to compete at the higest level. A special mention must also go to Coach Jim Paton. His training schedule and technical coaching skill has brought on the boy’s rowing significantly. He has given the boys the knowledge to go on from the club and work towards rowing internationally.

Thanks also to Graeme Stewart for supporting the club at the event and Glasgow University’s Ian Dowcra for supplying a world class boat.

Lachlan & Euan have come along away at the club and we hope to see them down paddling on the Loch in the future. We wish them all the best at University both academically and in rowing.