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Loch Lomond Rowing Club -  RESULTS 2010

  2009 RESULTS
  2010 RESULTS

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Clyde Head 27th November nearly 3000m on the river Clyde in sunny conditons but freezing cold and snow and ice on the road and the boats!

Eva Rankin     WVetD 1x   12:08.0

Paul Arnold    MVetC 1x    12:11.0

Eva and Liz Davidson(Strathclyde Park)     WVetD  11:10.0

Eva, Paul, Liz and Tom Hewitt (LLRC/SPRC)   Mixed Open  10:12.0

All results       LLRC photos    David Nolan's photos

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Inverness Fours and Small Boats Head 6+7th Nov.

LLRC juniors went all the way to Inverness to have a race over the 4500m course. For some juniors it was their first head race and all of them did really well.

OJ14 4x the junior quad, with Oliver Monteith, Ryan Morrison, Morgan Serpell, Ben Cartwright and Tom Claxton as cox,  did well to get 3rd in 23min

OJ14 2x Oliver and Ben got 2nd in 21.18.4 min
               Ryan and Morgan got 3rd in 24.5.58min

p1020290.jpg (81181 bytes) p1020326.jpg (91669 bytes)

OJ16 1x Tom Claxton managed to get a good time and 2nd place in 19.59.3 min

OJ18 1x Tom Claxton again was 2nd in 20.25.6min           all results     Snapper Ron's pictures can be seen on: Sat Div 1   
Sat Div 2     Sun Div 1 (3 pics only!)   Sun Div 2

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Clydesdales Scullers Head - Sat. 9th October 2010

The first Head race of the season and some LLRC members braved the wind (mostly a welcoming tail wind) and the bends to row from Dalmarnock Bridge to Glasgow Green, level with the Nelson Monument. LLRC photos and Niall Darroch photos and David Nolan's photos singles doubles

Tom Claxton in a composite with Alex Afuakwah WON the OJu 16 2x in 15.26min and were 7th overall - WELL DONE!

Oliver Monteith and Ryan Morrison were 3rd in the OJu14 2x in 18.18min - they did realy well not crashing into any trees for their first race on the river Clyde!

Eva Rankin rowed in a composite with Liz Davidson from SPRC in 16.51min over the 4km course and they were the only VetD entry.

The single results were: Tom Claxton OJu16 3rd PLACE in 16.11min - 22nd place overall
                                          Martin Claxton VetD 1st PLACE in 17.26min
                                          Paul Arnold  VetC  3rd PLACE in 18.03min
                                          Eva Rankin VetD in 18.06min - the only Vet entry
                                          Rebecca Lightfoot WNov  2nd PLACE in 18.28min - now rowing for Glasgow Uni BC
all results: division 1 (singles) and division 2 (doubles)

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FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta 2nd - 5th September 2010

Eva Rankin got third in the WD4x with crewmates from English clubs and Ailie Ord   - 3:36.07. It was a very close race and the first three boats were separated only by 1.36 sec.

The WD2x with Ailie Ord from Strathclyde park ended in a photo finish, but unfortunately they were placed 2nd 0.23sec behind the winner - 4:05.84. Conditions were rather challenging with plenty of wind. Later on, racing was cancelled due to severe weather conditions.

In her WD1x she got 3rd in 4:26.09, just over 6 seconds behind the winner.

Eva was in an Aberdeen/Inverness/Loch Lomond composite in mixed 4Ex, with Ron Wallace, James Steel and Hazel Smith - they got 4th in 3:41.41

Hazel Smith from Inverness RC and Ailie Ord from Strathclyde Park RC had triple gold success in composite crews which won the Womens B and C eights followed by Mixed D eights.

All Results, for photos go to the photo page

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P1010962.JPG (110457 bytes) P1010947.JPG (90648 bytes) P1010959.JPG (88745 bytes) 8 Loch Lomond members - nearly all juniors - made it down to Dumfries to compete at the NITHSDALE Regatta on 26 June 2010 - 750m downstream.

Our only winner was Oliver Monteith, who had an exciting race to WIN the OJU 12

OJU 12 Aquajog JU 13 4x+ W Nov 2x Aquajog - WELL DONE!
Ben Cartwright and Rory Thomson had their first race experience in the JU13 4x+ with Oliver Monteith and Ryan Morrison and Tom Claxton as cox, but didn't make it through the heats.

Tom Claxton raced Ju15 1x, Ju15 2x with Alex (Castle Semple) and O Mixed 2x with Rebecca Lightfoot. Rebecca also raced in the WNov 1x and the WNov 2x with Annie Carroll. Martin Claxton raced in the VetD1x. Ryan Morrison raced in the OJU 11 Aquajog and in the JU13 2x with Oliver Monteith. Everyone rowed well and tried hard, but either got knocked out in the heats or the semi finals.

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   SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIPS - Strathclyde Park - 12/13 June 2010   all results, photos

Saturday was a lovely warm and sunny day with a slight tail wind.

Sunday started of with a light drizzle, which luckily stopped during the morning and the sun came out. It was warm and there was hardly any wind which resulted of the water being nice and flat for rowing.

MVet2x8 (Small).jpg (59625 bytes) Loch Lomond came away with 4 Scottish Champions!

On Saturday Loch Lomond Vet 4+ A-C, rowing as VetC, with Paul Arnold, Andy Summers, Michael Yeomans, Allan McGregor - cox: Rachel Arnold managed to hold on to their lead to WIN! - 3:31.48

The same 4 rowed in MVet 4x A-C, again rowing as VetC, and their boat was FIRST past the finishing line -in 3:23.70

On Sunday, Allan McGregor and Andy Summers WON the MVet 2x B/C, rowing as VetC to become Scottish Champions in 3:36.58
Paul Arnold and Martin Claxton, rowing as VetC in the same race were second in 3:50.75

WNov1x12 (Small).jpg (47587 bytes)
MVet4+2 (Small).jpg (54730 bytes) MVet4x5 (Small).jpg (46846 bytes)
Eva Rankin won her heat in WNox1x and she WON the final in 4:25.34 - finally loosing her Nocive status!
In the same race, Rebecca Lightfoot was 2nd in her heat and 4th in the final in 4:38.81

other LLRC results:

Rebecca Lightfoot and Emma Rankin raced in the WNov 2x, gaining 2nd place in the heats (4:26.43) and SECOND place in the finals in 4: 13.38 - WELL DONE!

In the same race Eva Rankin raced in a composite with Strathclyde and got 2nd place in the heats (4:19.26) and 5th place in the finals in 4:22.62

Eva Rankin raced in a composite with Strathclyde Park in WVet 4x C/D and got 3rd place in 4:15.75 (minus 9sec handicap for racing as VetC)
She also raced in a composite with StrathclydePark in WVet 2x C/D and got 2nd place in 4:15.70
After completing 3 races in less than 3 hours, Eva raced  again in the WVetD/E 1x and got 2nd place in 4:35.10 (minus 8sec handicap for racing as a VetD)

Oliver Monteith and Ryan Morrison had a great race in the OJu12 2x and got 3rd place in 4:51.96

Christopher Edwardson raced in the OJu12 1x and just got beaten to 3rd place in 4:57.94

Martin Claxton competed in the MVet 1x D/E and never managed to make up the 8 sec handicap to get 3rd in 4:29.29 (minus 8sec)

In the MVet1x A-C Allan McGregor got 3rd in 3:57.76, Andy Summers  4th in 4:02.73 and Paul Arnold 7th in 4:27.59

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   CASTLE SEMPLE Regatta 22 May 2010   all photos, results, Darroch Photography

We all had a great, long day at the Castle Semple Regatta on Saturday. The weather was brilliant, sunny and hot (some got sunburnt), but windy and the water was very wavy and it was also challenging to row in, though it calmed down towards the evening. Loch Lomond had some good results, specially in the Junior section. For some of them it was their first racing experience! Well done!

mixed double winnners (Small).jpg (51232 bytes) Wvetcd5 (Small).jpg (60628 bytes) Rebecca Lightfoot and Tom Claxton raced in a Mixed double in R2 and gained 1st PLACE! - Well done!

Tom also raced in the OJu15 1x and was placed 2nd in his heat and 2nd in his final.

In his composite OJu15 2x with Alex from Castle Semple they gained 3rd place

Tom also raced in the Inter Regional OJu15 4x+ for Central, but the West won.

Eva Rankin WON her VetD/E 1x easily and got 2nd in the WNov 1x and 2nd in the R2 2x in a composite with Liz Davidson from SPRC

Rebecca Lightfoot managed to hold on to the 3rd place in the WNov 1x

Emma Rankin and Annie Carroll rowed realy well in their heat in WNov 2x to get 3rd place and to qualify for the final. In the final they were just beaten to 5th place

Oliver Monteith and Ryan Morrison did well in their first race experience to get 3rd place in the OJu12 2x
They also competed in a training scull 1x over 250m and Oliver got 3rd and Ryan 2nd

Paul Arnold and Martin Claxton nearly overcome the 16sec handicap they had to give their opponents, but were narrowly beaten into 2nd place by Stirling.

Andy Summers got 4th in his R2 1x heat, which did not get him into the final

Loch Lomond had 3 entries in the MVet 1x raceAndy Summers got 3rd (VetC), Martin Claxton got 4th (VetD), Paul Arnold got 5th (VetC)

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  Last Saturday's regatta on the Clyde has been a brilliant day and it was dry, sunny but cold. The competition was
  good and Loch Lomond came home with one first place -
Tom Claxton, who won his semi-finals and finals
  in the
OJU16 1x  - WELL DONE!

  other LLRC results:
  Martin Claxton - was narrowly beaten in his race in the Vet D/E 1x

  Eva Rankin - lost the race in the R2  2x (1500m) with Louise Wooller
                        - lost the race in the Mix 4x in a composite with Strathclyde and George Watson
                       - was very narrowly beaten in the race in the Mix 2x in a composite with John Monro

  Louise Wooller - rowed well in her WRes2 1x, but didn't manage to catch her opponent

  Rebecca Lightfoot and Tom Claxton just missed out by a foot to get to the semifinals in the Mix2x
                      - Rebecca rowed very well in her first single scull race in the WNov 1x

  After some stearing problems, Chrisopher Edwardson did well in his race - OJu 12 1x

  some photographs, all results, David Nolans photos

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   STRATHCLYDE REGATTA 24+25th April 2010

   8 Loch Lomond members entered the regatta at Starthclyde Park. It was a great regatta - both days had very mixed
    weather conditions, with sunshine, drizzle and gusting headwinds at some time, which made rowing very variable.

  Photographs (if you would like a bigger version of any of the photographs, just write to Eva) and all Results

   Results Day 1:
   Tom Claxton in a composite with Castle Semple and
   Strathclyde - OJu15 4x+ - 4th PLACE in 3:53.80min

   Emma Rankin and Rebecca Lightfoot (first race for Rebecca)
   got 4th PLACE in their WNov2x heat in a very good time of
   4:40.27min, which would have gotten them into the final if they
   would have been drawn in a different heat.

PICT2581.JPG (51422 bytes)PICT2531.JPG (62734 bytes)
   Eva Rankin was 2nd in her heat (9:53.49min) in the WR2 1x over 2000m and she got 5th PLACE battling against
   a strong head wind in the final (10:19.87min)

   Eva WON her WVetC-E 1x race - WELL DONE

  Allan McGregor and Andy Summers WON the MVet2x A-C race in 3:55.05min - WELL DONE

   Martin Claxton and Paul Arnold got 4th PLACE in the same race in 4:23.61min

   Tom competed in U16 8+ in a composite with CastleSemple and Strathclyde Park and they got 4th in 8:01.97min

   Results Day 2:

PICT2648.JPG (55985 bytes) Tom Claxton got 2nd in his Junior Men Under 15 1x heat in 4:30.10min and 3rd in the final in 4:17.86min

Tom was 5th in a composite with Castle Semple in U15 double scull in 4:23.87min

Eva Rankin was 2nd in her Novice Single Scull

  Loch Lomond had 4 entries in the MVet 1x race - Allan McGregor got 2nd in 4:11.35min (VetC)
                                                                                         Andy Summers got 3rd in 4:17.40min (VetC)
                                                                                         Martin Claxton got 5th in 4:27.05min (VetD)
                                                                                         Paul Arnold got 6th in 4:35.33min (VetC)

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   GLASGOW SPRING REGATTA - 17th April 2010 - on the River Clyde over a downstream course of 1150 m.
   Weather conditions were very mixed, with some sunshine and rainshowers in between. It was very windy and the wind
   hit  you very hard, when you came round the final bend.

  Tom Claxton in a composite with Alex Afuakwah from Castle Semple - OJu16 2x
   in a 'round robin', all three entries won one race - so there were 3 WINNERS

   Tom lost his OJu16 1x final

   Paul Arnold and Martin Claxton WON the heat and the FINAL in M Vet. Res2 2x

   Paul Arnold and Eva Rankin in Mixed Res2 2x lost their heat, WON the Plate
   Semi Finals and thought that they WON the Plate Final by a foot, but instead
   they got disqualified.

Glasgow.jpg (203146 bytes)
   Eva Rankin in a 'round robin' lost her first race in WRes2 1x , but WON her second race

   Martin Claxton lost his race in the MVet 1x, after having to start 18sec later than his opponent, due to the handicap system

   some photographs

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  CLYDESDALE 4's and 8's HEAD - 6th March 2010 - 4000m on the River Clyde finishing at Glasgow Green

  Tom Claxton competed in a compsite 8+ with SPRC and CSRC - Junior 16 - and they had an excellent first time row
  with a time of 17.29min and getting 3rd in their age group! All results on here photos on darrochphotography

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   Allan McGregor, the only one from LLRC, entered the English Indoor Championships in Men 40 - 50 Lwt category
   and  got 4th place in 6:46.7 min
and Men Open Lwt and got 5th place in 6:46.6 min. Well done Allan!! For all results go to the Concept 2 page.

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   Strathclyde University Small Boats Head - Saturday 20th February 2010 - over 4000m on the river Clyde

   Just 3 Loch Lomond Club members competed in the S.U.B.C head on the river Clyde on a glorious sunny but
   freezing cold day. All three came home with a first place! - Well done!

   Martin Claxton and Paul Arnold - M Vet 2x - 1st Place in a time of 16.02min (16.22)

   Tom Claxton - M Nov 1x - 1st Place in a time of 17.41min - Tom's racing age is only Junior under 15

   Tom Claxton - OJ 18 - 4th Place in 17.14min

   Paul Arnold - M Vet 1x - 2nd Place in a time of 17.34min (18.38)

  All results are here, some Photos on Malcolm Picasa site

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  C.R.A.S.H.-B. SPRINTS World Indoor Rowing Championship - Sunday 14th February Boston U.S.A.

  Martin Claxton, a member of LLRC, went all the way to Massachusetts, to compete in the World Indoor Rowing
  Champ. for the Royal Navy. There were 52 competitors in his age group (50 - 55) and Martin managed to finish
  28th with a time of 7:17.0min - Well done!

  All results and photos

  C.R.A.S.H.-B  stands for Charles River All Star Has - Beens       C.R.A.S.H.-B History

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  DURHAM Small Boats Head - Saturday 6th February 2010 at Durham

  Paul and his daughter Rachel went down to Durham to compete in the small boats head - 1800m upstream the
  river Wear at Durham

  Paul Arnold - M VetC - 9:30.8 min - he was 225th from 323 crews that raced

  Rachel Arnold W J17 - 10:49.3 min - she finished 295th from 323 crews - Rachel paddled light, to learn the
  course and not to damage her boat  

  all results can be found here - all photographs here

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   SCOTTISH INDOOR ROWING CHAMPIONSHIPS - Sunday 31st January 2010 at Heriot-Watt University,
   Edinburgh. All results are on
the Concept 2 website photos are on darrochphotography

A very small Loch Lomond team went to Edinburgh to compete in the Indoor Rowing Championships.

  Allan McGregor - Men LWT Open - 2000m - 6th PLACE in 6:49.0

  Allan McGregor - Men LWT 40-49 years - 1000m - 2nd PLACE  in 3:16.4

  Martin Claxton - Men HWT 50-59 years - 1000m - 5th PLACE in 3:21.6

  Tom Claxton -  Men Junior 14 - 4min -  4th PLACE with 1117m

  Junior 14 mixed team with Tom Claxton and CSRC/SPRC - 1000m - 1st PLACE
  in 3:11.8

  Holly Lewis - W Junior 15 - 5min - 11th PLACE   with 1158m

   WELL DONE to everyone!

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   Allan McGregor entered the British Indoor Championships in Men 40 - 44 Lwt category and  gained a BRONZE MEDAL!    He rowed 6:42.6min over 2000m. Well done Allan! For all results go to the Concept 2 page.

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