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clydesdaleWell done Lucy, Kim, Martha, Freya and Amy for winning the WJU 15 4x+ in 9.31min at the Clydesdale head on the 18th March. Steffanie, Eva, Alex, Amy and Euan had a great row to be second in the WJu 14 4x+ in 9.53min. Well done girls!!!!
all results     David Nolan's photos    
Yorkshire Head 11th March 2017  - Eva was in a composite crew with Gill, Helen and Hilary (Durham and Berwick) and won the Vet D 4x+ in 20.09.3min over 5km.
all information and results     photos

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Allan McGregor was competing in the English Indoor Rowing Champs on the 5th of Feb. and he was 5th in the Men's 40 to 49 Lwt age group over 2000m in 6:54.7. Well done Allan!

all results    

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JBT Inverness eights and small boats head 18th / 19th February 2017 

Loch Lomond had a few juniors and one Veteran competing on the superb rowing waters of the Caledonian Canal in Inverness in bright but sometimes blustery conditions over 4.35km.  
The club managed to WIN 3 races, the WR2 2x with Laura McKenzie and Evie Gage in 19.34.78min,
the WJU14 2x with Amy Morris and Eva Brownlie in 22.26.22min and the WNOV 4x+ with Amy Morris, Eva Brownlie, Eilidh McGowan and Kim Denton in 20.40.36min
Results on Saturday
WNov 1x (Kim Denton) 3rd - 22.35.98min
WJu 18 2x (Laura and Evie) 5th - 20.06.04
WNov 2x (Eilidh and Kim) 2nd - 21.08.69
Vet 2x (Martin and Graham from SPRC) 2nd - 18.52.92
Results on Sunday
Mixed R2 8+ (Martin in a composite) - 18.39.96 it was the only entry
Mixed Vet 8+ (Martin in a composite) 2nd - 17.25.88
WNov 2x Eilidh) 3rd - 23.00.44
WNov 2x (Kim) 4th - 23.07.73
all results       LLRC photos    

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STRATHCLYDE UNIVERSITY BC HEAD on the Clyde - 4th Feb. 2017
Unfortunately, division 2 sadly had to be cancelled due to adverse weather.
Well done to Lily who won the WNov 1x in 9:37.00
The WJU14 4x+ girls (Eva Brownlie, Amy Morris, Eilidh McGowan, Lucy Steel and Steffanie Franzman - cox) were racing as novices and they lost their rudder on the 2nd last bend, but still completed the course in 4th position in 9:57.00!
The WJU16 4x+  (Innes, Kim, Feya, Martha, Alex - cox) were 2nd in 9:09.00.    all results
DURHAM SB HEAD RACE - 4th Feb. 2017
Eva went to sunny Durham to race an IM2 2x with Gill Prescott. They WON their category and were the overall winner (over 4 divisoins) in the Women 2x in 7:59.7.

all results

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york headRutherford Head 26th Nov. 2016
Eva raced at Rutherford - 5000m upstream - in a WVetD 4x with Gill and Helen (DurhamRC) and Hillary (Berwick) and WON the Vet D/E category in 20.06.8min.

 Rutherford head results    
York Small Boats Head 20th Nov. 2016 - 3,000 metres upstream on the River Ouse at York Fulford Landing to Kings Staitheis. Approx 400 crews racing over 3 divisions.
Eva rowed with Gill (Durham RC) in the 1st division in the WVet E 2x and she clocked the fastest time of all WVet 2x age C, D and E - (not adjusted times)  in 15.38.7min.
In the 3rd division she rowed in WIM2 2x and was 3rd in 15.41.8 min
York SB head

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invernessINVERNESS Fours and Small Boats Head 19/20 November 2016
In sunny, calm, cold weather conditions, over 400 crews took part over a course of approximately 4500 metres from Dochgarroch to the Inverness Rowing Club’s Boathouse close to the Tomnahurich Swing Bridge.
On Saturday LLRC had a WIN in the Vet D 2x  with Martin Claxton and Troy from SPRC in 19.52.67min (adjusted handicap time - 19.00.62min)
Other Results:
WJ16 4x (Lily) - 5th out of 6 in 20.12.90min;
WJ14 2x (Alex Clark) 3rd out of 7 in 22.16.53min and (Amy Morris) 6th out of 7 in 25.51.22min.
WNov 1x Freya Buchanan 5th out of 8 in 24.56.50min,
WNov 2x (Freya) 11 out of 20 in 21.29.28min;
WNov 4+ (Lily, Alex, Innes, Martha, Lucy) 6th out of 19 in 20.36.01min.

The boys were 7th out of 10 in J14 2x (Euan) in 22.12.50min and 7th out of 11 in J14 1x (Euan McKenzie) in 23.02.78min.

On Sunday the WJ14 4x+ (Lucy) were 2nd in 22.00.18min;
WNov 4x+ (Freya B.) were 3rd in 20.51.93.
In the WJ16 2x (Freya B.) were 6th out of 13 in 21.31.47 and Martha and Innes were 9th out of 13 in 21.52.81min.
WJ16 1x Lily was 4th in 22.04.00min and
Martin was 5th in the VetE 1x in 23.14.75 (22.17.75min adjusted time)

Lots of good racing and lots of experience was gained! Well done all!                     
David Nolan's photos , all results  

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GLASGOW'S RC 4'S Head  5th November 2016
Over 90 crews raced over the 5km race course from Belvedere (near the Cris Hoy Velodrome) to the monument on the Glasgow Green where the Glasgow City Council were setting up the fireworks for the evenings display. LLRC had 2 crews competing: In the first division, WJU15 4+ with Innes, Lucy, Martha, Lily and Alex (who were the only J15 entry) were 39th overall in 27.35min and in the 2nd division, WJ15 4x+ with Eva B., Amy M., Kim D., Freya B. and Staffanie F. who were 2nd in WJ15 and 36th overall in 26.38min
David Nolan's photos , all results    

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indoorResults for the Scottish Indoor Championship 29 October 2016
JU 13 girls - 3min   3rd Mary Walker 671m
JU 14 girls - 4min   1st Lucy Steel  986m; 10th Amy Morris 891m; 11th Eve Brownlee 886m
JU 14 boys - 4min  4th Euan McKenzie 1061m; 5th Lachlan Mackinnon 1053m
JU 15 girls - 5min   5th Evie Hyland 1289m; 6th Lily Young 1274m; 7th Martha Coombes 1243m; 11th Kim Denton 1219m;
14th Innes Dunlop 1198m; 15th Freye Buchanan 1197m

JU 16 girls - 2000m  10th Carla Graham 10:17.8
JU16 boys - 2000m 4th Mark Sullivan 7:06.6; 7th Alex Mackinnon 7:19.1
JU18 girls - 2000m  15th Sophie Morris 8:40.0
JU18 boys - 2000m  10th Thomas Smith 7:49.6
W30 Hwt - 1000m  Fiona Davidson 4:05.5 - the only competitor in that age group

JU16 girls teams - 2000m 2nd team 'Young' 7:11.9; 5th team 'Graham' 7:38.9; 6th team 'Steel' 7:59.6
JU16 boys teams - 3000m  6th team 'Smith' 10:20.0
all results    Scottish rowing photos on facebook      

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Results for the Scottish Schools Champ 28 October 2016:  
S1 boys - 4th Munro Dunlop (Balfron) 2min - 460m
S2 girls - 1st Evie Hylands (Balfron) 3min - 802m              S2 boys - 2nd Lachlan MacKinnon (Hermitage) 3min - 831m
                                                                                                                   3rd Euan McKenzie (Balfron) 3min - 819m
S3 girls - 5th Lily Young (Balfron) 4min - 1034m
                6th Martha Coombes (Balfron) 4min - 1023m
                31st Eva Brownlie (Balfron) 4min - 883m
S4 girls - 2nd Laura McKenzie (Balfron) 5min - 1308m
                8th Kim Denton (Balfron) 5min - 1224m
S5 girls - 11th Evie Gage (Balfron) 6min - 1448m              S5 boys - 6th Mark Sullivan (Lomond S) 6min - 1705m

                                                                                                                  10th Alex MacKinnin (Hermitage) 6min - 1648m
S3 girls team - 1st Martha Coombes, Alex Clark, Lucy Steel, Innes Dunlop - 1000m - 3:29.8 (Balfron)
S4 girls team - 1st  Laura McKenzie, Kim Denton, Abby, Lorna - 2000m - 7:15.0 (Balfron)
S5 girls team - 1st  Evie Gage, Freya Buchanan, Madeline, Esther - 2000m - 7:10.8
all results  Scottish rowing photos on facebook      

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clydesdaleClydesdale Scullers Head 22nd October 2016

In the 1st division Lily Young WON her single in the WJu 16 in 17.48min, Freya Buchanan was 7th in 20.47min and Innes Dunlop was 8th in 21.47min
In the WJu 14 singles, Evie Hylands was 2nd in 21.08min and in the boys, Euan McKenzie was 3rd in 19.38min
Julian Wilkinson was 2nd in the Vet F singles in 18.37min

In the 2nd division  Lily WON the WJU 16 double in a composite with and Anna (George Watson Col BC) in 16.16min. Martha Coombes and Kim Denton were 5th in 17.47min
In the WJU 14 2x Alex Clark and Lucy Steel were 3rd in 19.12min and Evie Hyland  and Eilidh McGowan were 4th in 21.14min
WJU 18 2x Evie Gage and Laura McKenzie 3rd in 17.29min
All results    LLRC photos   David Nolan's photos               

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Clyde ARC 3 Head 8th October 2016 on the river Clyde by glorious, sunny weather!
LLRC did not have any wins, but we had some 2nd places and great performances from everyone and some having to compete in higher age groups.
In the 1st Divisoin Laura McKenzie was 2nd (11.37min) in the WJ16 1x and Alex Mackinnon was 2nd 10.45min) in the M16 1x with Mark Sullivan 3rd by a second (10.46sec) and Cameron Bolton was 5th (10.37min) in the J18 1x.
In the 2nd Division, both the boys were 2nd (9.48min) in the MJ16 2x and Euan McKenzie and Lachlan Mackinnon were 3rd (10.33min) in the same category, but only being junior 14 boys. The junior 15 girls had to compete in the WNov 4+ and got an excellent 2nd place (10.57min)!
clyde 3 head
In the 3rd Division we had the WJ15 4x competing in the WJ 16 category and they were 6th in 10.55min.  LLRC photos  by Allan McKenzie Photos by David Nolan       

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Photo by David Nolanschools head
Scottish Schools Sculling Head - 2nd October on the Fourth & Clyde Canal

By glorious sunny weather on the Fourth & Clyde canal, the club had some great rowing by the juniors at the Sculling Head.
WJU14  4x - Joint 1st place (Lucy Steel, Evie Hylands, Eva Brownlie, Alex Clark and Martha Combes(cox) ) 14.55min
SGU15  1x - 1st School Girl (Lily Young) 15.41min
OJU 16  2x - 1st place (
Mark Sullivan and Alex Mackinnon) 13.22min
SGU18  2x - 1st School Girls (
Evie Gage and Laura McKenzie) 14.45min
SGU15 4+ - the only School Girl entry, rowing for Balfron High School (Lily Young, Martha Combes, Lucy Steel, Innes Dunlop and Alex Clark (cox) ) 14.47min3rd place in the OJU 14 2x (Euan McKenzie and Lachlan Mackinnon) 15.19min
3rd School girl in the SGU15 2x (Eilidh McGowan and Kim Denton) 16.52min
4th place in the WJU 15 4x+ (Charlotte Moore, Eilidh McGowan, Kim Denton, Amy Morris and Lachlan Mackinnon(cox) ) 15.45min
7th place in the OJU 18 2x (Thomas Smith and Mark Wallace 13.30min
 Well done all!
all results    David Nolan's photos               

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World Rowing Masters Regatta 2016

The World Rowing Masters Regatta 2016 was held in Copenhagen / lake Bagsvaerd, Denmark on September 8 - 11th 2016.  3,451 participants from 48 nations and 584 clubs aged 27 to 89 gathered for the event. 2 members from the club competed at the regatta, Eva Rankin and Michael Yeomans (who competed for the RAF). The format of the regatta is for eight lanes of racing over 1000 meters, no heats, all straight finals with only a winners prize.

On Thursday Eva competed in the WE 4x with Ailie Ord (SPRC), Sarah Payne (Wycliffe BC), and Hillary Cook (Mortlake Anglian&Alpha) and was 2nd in 3:41.7min.
In the WF 2x with Annie Ponsonnet (Port Maly/France), they managed to get 2nd place again in 4:13.88.
Eva also did a WD 1x with a tailwind and very high waves and only managed to get 4th place in 4:33.83

On Friday Eva only had 2 races WC 4x (avarage age 43+) with Ailie, Sarah and Gillian Conneal ( SPRC) - 3rd place in 3:46.42 and WF 4x (avarage 60 years+) with Annie and Virginie Laurent from Port Marly (france) and Marianne De Jong from Holland - 2nd place 4:18.59

Saturday racing yielded 2 excellent WINS for Eva in a very close race in the WF 1x (4:35.08) and in the WE 2x (with Ailie Ord) in 4:04.57. In the WD 4x (avarage age 50+) with Ailie, Sarah and Gillian she was 2nd in 3:46.41.

Sunday, the final day of racing, is the mixed gender events. Eva managed to WIN another medal in the mixed G 4x with Raimund Haberl (LIA/Austria), Annie (France) and Les Johnston from Clydesdale - 3:43.46). It was a very fast race and they managed to catch the leaders in the last 200m with 40+ stroke rate!
In the mixed 4xF with Raimund and Hans Kueng (Austria) and Annie they were 2nd in 4:02.00.
Eva and Les also did a G double and were 3rd in 4:37.21

Michael Yeomans was 7th in the B4- (3:48.30) and 7th in the C4- (3:39.35)

All Scottish wins were:

Ailie Ord (SPRC) - 7 medals (WB2x, WC2x, WD2x, WE2x, WC2-, WE4-, Mixed F4x)
Gillian Connal (SPRC) - 4 medals (
WB2x, WC2x, WC2-, WA8+)

Eva Rankin (Loch Lomond) - 3 medals (WF1x, WE2x, Mixed G4x)

Liz Davidson (SPRC) - MixedD4x

Les Johnston (Clydesdale RC) - Mixed G4x


Masters C represent a crew with average age 43-50, Masters D is 50-54, Masters E is 55-59, F is 60-64, Masters G is 60-65

Next year’s World Rowing Masters Regatta heads to Bled, Slovenia from 6-10 September 2017. event:http://www.wrmr2017.com/

In 2018 the Masters will head to Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida, USA.

Hopefully more LLRC members are thinking of taking part in the World Masters in the near future!

All results are: Thursday   Friday    Saturday    Sunday  For LLRC photos go to our photo page and for all photos: Sport Graphics    

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Euro Master Regatte in Munich July 29th - 31st
Eva, as the only Scottish Representative, competed at the European Masters Championships. The weather was glorious and very warm, except for the last day for all the mixed races, were it rained all day. Despite the rain, Eva managed to win her Mixed F 2x with Marc Sarrouy (Beaumont Aviron, France).
She was 2nd in the 2x F with Annie from France (4:10.01) and in the Mixed 4x F with Annie and Robert and Raimund from Vienna (3:31.69)      photos
euro masters

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british juniorBritish Junior Championships 15/16/17th July in Nottingham

Martha, Lily, Alex, Lucy and Innes represented LLRC at the British Junior Championships in Nottingham. On the first day the Junior 14 singles and doubles had to do the Omnium, which is skill testing, manoeuvrability exercises and races and everyone got points for each of the exercises.
Martha and Lily  were 9th
in their double with 45 doubles entered and Alex and Lucy were 43rd.
Innes completed all the testing in her single.

The next day Martha,Lily, Alex, Lucy and Innes (WJu14 4x+) had to do a time trial over 1500m and they were 7th in 6:40.6 and secured a place in the semi finals. Races got suspended in the afternoon, because of bad weather.
On Sunday, the weather improved and the girls quad were 4th (9:22.64) in the semi finals and 3rd (9:03.49) in the 'B' final. WELL DONE!
all results  LLRC photos by Ashley Coombes         

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Henley Masters Regatta 8/9th July
Eva went all the way south to compete in the Henley Masters. In her double (WF 2x) with Annie from France, they had a very exciting semi final race, with the lead changing all the time over the 1000m, but at the end they were beaten by a canvas by the Tideway scullers. The Tideway scullers ended up winning the final.
The WF 4x with Sarah Payne (Wycliffe), Gill Prescott (Durham) and Annie (France) was a very 
exhilarating race, with clashing oars at the start and more than a length behind, the quad managed to catch up after 500m and eventually winning by 3 leangth.   
Both weekends, the weather conditions were very challenging with high winds! Well done! 
     all results    

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talkin tarnTalkin Tarn 2nd July 2016

Despite horrible conditions (high winds and heavy rain showers), Eva won the Mixed Masters E/G double with Les from Clydesdale and the Mixed Masters E/F quad with Gordon Kerr (Nithsdale), John Appelby and Gabbi from Durham.

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British Masters Championships at Nottingham 11th June 2016

Eva won 1 British Championship GOLD medal  WE4x (4:11.30 in heat and 4:16.12 in final - strong head wind)  in a composite with Gill, Sarah and Joy from England and a silver medal in the WE2x (4:00.23 in heat and 3:54.94 in final) composite with Gill from Durham RC.
In the Mixed doubles F with Les from Clydesdale she was 4th.  Well done!
 All results    some photos    

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Scottish Championships and Scottish Schools' Championships11/12th June 2016
scottishBrilliant result from our Juniors! 2 Scottish Champions (WJU14 2x, WJU14 4x) and 3 Scottish School Champions (WJU14 2x, WJU16 2x, WJU14 4x).

Lily had a very busy Champs by winning the WJU14 doubles (4:02.49) with Martha and the WJU14 quad (4:12.71), with Martha, Innes, Alex and Lucy. And she collected 3 Scottish School medals as well - WJU16 2x with Laura (8:33.95) and the WJU14 4x and 2x.
In the Seniors we had a win from Eva in the WMas F single and a 2nd place from Allan in the OMas A-C single in 4:04.04
All LLRC Results:
WJu 14 1x (Lily) 3rd in heat and 5th in the final - 4:43.28
OJu 15 1x (Alex) 2nd in the heat and 4th in the final - 4:04.34
WNov 1x (Laura) 3rd in heat and 4th in the final - 4:49.30
WJu13 2x (Alexandra and Lucy) 1st in heat and 4th in final - 4:38.48
OJu 13 2x (Euan and Evie) 3rd in the heat and 5th in the final - 4:40.81
WJu 14 2x (Innes and Lucy) 3rd in heat and 5th in final - 4:27.82
OJu 15 2x (Alex and Mark) 3rd in heat and 3rd in final - 3:45.60
WJu16 2x (Lily and Laura) 5th over 2000m - 8:33.95
OJu 18 2x (Cameron and Thomas) 4th over 2000m - 8:02.75
ONov 2x (Alex and Mark S.) 1st in heat and 4th in final - 3:48.03
OMas D-F 2x (Allan and Andy) 4th - 4:18.96
WJu 14 4x (Freyer, Kim, Charlotte, Eva, Euan) 4th in heat 5:29.82
All Saturday Results        
All Sunday Results      

LLRC photos    

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Castle Semple Regatta 14th May 2016
castle semplecastle semplecastle semplecastle semple
castle semplecastle semple Loch Lomond Juniors had a very successful regatta, with great sunshine all day long and very good water conditions. Some juniors were racing for their first time and they did very well.
We had WINS in  WJ14 4x+(Lilly, Martha, Lucy, Innes and Alex), WJ14 2x, (Lilly and Martha), WJ13 2x ( Lucy and Alex) and Nov 2x (Alex MacKinnon and Mark Sullivan). 
castle semple castle sempleThere were some very good second places in the J15 2x (Mark and Alex), J13 4x+ (Euan, Lachlan, Lucy, Alex and Innes), WJ16 2x (Evie and Laura) and Vet 4x- (Martin in a composite).  
Third places were WJ14 1x (Lily), Martin in Vet 2x C/D  

all results
 All photos displayed are by David Nolan

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durhamDurham Regatta 7th /8th May
On Saturday the racing was side by side over a 700m course. After semi-finals, Eva WON the finals in  W4xBCD and W2xDE comfortable with her Durham club crew (Gill, Helen and Chris).
On Sunday the course was shortened to 500m and Eva won the straight final in the W4xE.

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LLRC had a big junior presence at the Nithsdale Regatta on the 30th April 2016.
The boys, Alex and Mark S. were fighting hard in their OJu 15 and 16 doubles, but did not manage to win, but Alex WON his OJU 15 single against Clydesdale. Euan and Innes had their first race together in the OJu 14 double.
In the WJU14 girls, we had a WIN in the  4x+ (Lily, Martha, Innes, Lucy, Alex) and the 2x (Martha, Lucy).
Laura and Emily had their first race together in the WJu 15 and 16 double and had a good row. Laura also did a WJu 15 single but could not beat Castle Semple.
Lucy and Alex C. had a hard race in the WJu 13 double and Heather competed in the WJu 18 single.  
The Nov Mix2x with Alex and Laura had a brilliant row against Chesterlee Stree and WON!

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Strathclyde Regatta 23rd / 24th April 2016
spr regattaSPRCstrathclyde regattaspr regattaSPRC
The first day of the regatta was very successful for LLRC with 5 wins. Everybody was coping well with the blistery conditions and the cold.
The WJU14 4x+ with Lily, Martha, Alex, Lucy and Innes WON comfortable in 4:05.19.  The girls than split up into 2 doubles and both of them WON their races WJU13 (Lucy and Alex in 4:30.38) and WJU14 (Lily and Martha in 4:07.41).
Evie and Laura were 2nd (4:11.10) in their heat in the WNov 2x and had a brilliant race in the final and winning in 4:04.63 and loosing their novice status. The girls also competed in the WJU16 2x over 200m and were 4th in 8:51.72.
Eva was in a composite WMasters C 4x with SPRC racing against a WMasters E crew from SPRC and having to give them 16sec head start. Her crew slowly cought up, but managed to get over the finishing line first by less than 2 sec. (3:42.76).  Eva also raced in the OMas G/H 2x in a composite against men and after coming to a standstill after hitting some boys, she and Les were 5th in 4:13.46.
Cameron and Thomas were 2nd (7:40.25) in their heat in the ORes2 2x over 2000m  and 4th (7:47.02) in the final.
Martin was in a composite with SPRC in the OMas C/D 2x and was 3rd in 4:01.17
The 2nd day of the regatta saw Thomas and Cameron racing twice over the 2000m course. In the heats of the ORes2 1x and in the heats of the OJU18 1x. Both were tough races and the boys just missed out in getting to the final.
Alexander had his OJu15 2x (with Mark) and OJU15 1x heats very close togehter, but the second place in both races secured them a place in the final. Both final races resulted in a 4th place OJu15 2x - 2:45.79 and OJu15 1x - 4:02 69.
Euan and Lachlan had their first race experiance and it was a hard race in the OJu 13 2x and they secured a 2nd place in 4:37.99, just 4 sec behind the winner.
Lily and Martha both competed in the WJu 14 single and after getting through the heats (4:13.44 and 4:40.10) they finished 3rd (Lily 4:24.78) and 6th (Martha 4:38.65).
Martin was in a composite with SPRC in the OMas C/D 4x and was 3rd in 4:01.17
Eva competed in the OMas F 4x in a composite with Clydesdale and St Andrews and was 2nd by just over 2 sec. in 3:48.93
Photos from Ashley Coombes    

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aberdeenaberdeenAberdeen Head 26th March 2016

Just one Junior 14 girls quad ventured all the way up to Aberdeen to race in unfamiliar water in very windy and wet conditions with a strong headwind and rough water most of the time.
The girls, Alex, Lily, Martha, Lucy and Innes WON their category WJ14 4x+. Well done!

Photos from Ashley Coombes

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Loch Lomond had fantastic wins in the Scottish Schools West Regional Indoor Champs. Lily, Martha and Innes were first, second and third in the singles. And their quad was first. Evie Hylands also won gold in the younger age group.
In the older age group, Laura McKenzie won gold in her individual race and Anna McCallum and her team won gold too.
In the boys, Euan Mackenzie won gold. Well done to everyone!              18th March 2016

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JBT Inverness eights and small boats head  

27th February on the Caledonian Canal

On a glorious sunny, but cold day 6 juniors and Martin competed over 4500 metre from Dochgarroch to theInverness club house.
Lily was the only WJU 14 single entry, but she rowed very well down the course in 22:04.06min. In the second division, Lily was the fastest WJU 14 double in a composite with SPRC in 19:37.68min. In the same categorie, Lucy was 2nd in 22:29.71 and Alex in a composite with SPRC was 3rd in 23:38.86.  
Laura and Evie competed in WJU16 double in the 1st division and they were 2nd in 20:56.84. In the second division they competed in the WNov 2x and were 5th in 21:37.63.
Martin was 3rd in a composite with SPRC in the Vet 2x in 19:25.04 (20:17.04 before the handicap)
All results  Photos by Handy Photography       LLRC photos by Handy Photography   

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durham head
Durham Small Boat Head 6th February 2016
The Head attracts around 400 entries spread over 4 divisions. The course covers an 1800m stretch of the River Wear and the boats have to navigate through the arches of the very narrow Elvet Bridge.  
Eva raced in a composite 2x with Gill Precott from Durham in the WMas. E/F and won, even after hitting the inside of the bridge quite badly with the oars and losing a lot of time.
durham head
Eva also rowed in W IM2 4x in a composite with Durham (Gill, Helen, Lauren) and won this category in 7:54.0min and they were the 2nd fastest women boat overall!.
All resultsPhotos by Snooky's Sculling and Sweeping Snaps      Photos from the race on our Photo page           

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allanEnglish Indoor Rowing Championships - Sunday 31st January 2016

Well done to Allan McGregor who represented LLRC at the English Indoor Champs and was 3rd in the 2000m (40-49 Lwt Men) in 6:45.2min. Great time! Photos  All results    smile emoticon

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British Indoor Champs 12th Dec. 2015

Well done to Allan McGregor who was the only LLRC representative at the British Indoor Champs at Lee Valley. Allan did very well and he was 4th in the 500m sprint (40-49 Lwt Men) in 1:34.6. He also took 6th place in the same age group over 2000m in 6:48.2min.
All Results      
british 2016

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Scottish Indoor Champs 21st November at Bellahouston

J13 B - 3min - 2nd Lachlan Mackinnon 757m, 3rd Euan McKenzie 704m
J13 G - 3min - 1st Lucy Steel 741m, 2nd Alex Clark 684m
J14 G - 4min - 1st Lily Young 1029m, 2nd Martha Coombes 1010m, 4th Innes Dunlop 952m
J15 B - 5min - 2nd Alex Mackinnon 1387m, 5th Mark Sullivan 1342m

J15 G - 5min - 3rd Laura McKenzie 1254m
J18 B - 2000m - 7th Marcus Hills 7:02.2min, 8th Cameron Bolton 7:09.8min, 13th Thomas Smith 7:29.1min
Team event over 1000m - J14 G - 1st in 3:34.4min, J14 B - 2nd in 3:38.4min
Team event over 3000m - J16 G - 2nd in 11:20.1min
                                             J18 B - 2nd in 9:47.2min
Our only senior representative was Allan McGregor competing in the over 40 Lwt and he was 4th in 3:18.6min over 1000m
   all results    LLRC photos     

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Scottish Schools Indoor Champs 20th November at Bellahouston
At the Schools Champs, LLRC members were competing for their schools.
The S1 boys were rowing 2 min and Lachlan Mackinnon was 2nd in 523m and Euan MacKenzie 9th in 496m
The S1 girls were rowing 2 min and Rosie Whyte was 26th in 428m
The S2 girls were rowing 3 min and Lily Young was 3rd in 792m, Martha Coombes was 4th in 789m, Lucy Steel was 9th in 743m, Innes Dunlop was 10th in 737m and Alex Clark was 29th in 667m.
S2 team
The S3 girls were rowing 4 min and Laura McKenzie was 1st in 1031m, Emily Franzmann was 24th in 880m
The S4 girls were rowing 5 min and Evie Gage was 12th in 1176m
The S4 boys were rowing 5 min and Alex Mackinnon was 7th in 1381m and Mark Sullivan was 8th in 1369m
The S5 boys had to do 2000m and Markus Hills was 5th in 7:00.4min, Cameron Wilson was 7th in 7:08.6min and Thomas Smith was 15th in 7:38.4min
The S6 girls also did 2000m and Rachel Gilles was 7th in 8:42.3
In the team event the S2 girls (representing Balfron High) were 1st in 3:38.9min over 1000m     all school results    LLRC photos   

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aberdeenAberdeen Fours and Small Boats HOR  15th November 2015
Some LLRC juniors went to Aberdeen to race in the head race on the river Dee for the first time.
Alex Mackinnon came away winning the Novice singles in 14.51min - WELL DONE
2nd places went to to the Open 2x (Cameron and Thomas) in 13.35min and to the WNov 4x+ (Katie, Evie, Anna, Laura, Jemma) in 15.41min
3rd place went to the W Open 2x (Anna and Heather) in 16.24min and W Nov 2x (Laura and Evie) in 15.37min
Cameron and Thomas also competed in the R2 singles and completed the course in 14.03 and 15.26min.
All results      

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Durham Long Distance Scullers Head and Small boat Head - 31st October 2015
Eva raced in a composite quad with Gill, Helen and Helen's daughter from Durham
In the morning she competed as W IM2 and the quad was the fastest senior women boat and 16th fastest overall (8:04.0). In the afternoon she competed as W elite 4x and won the category and was 18th overall (8:04.3)    
SBH results   LDH results  

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Harco Inverness 4's and Small Boat Head  31st Oct. / 1st Nov 2015
inverness5 Junior girls and Martin went up to Inverness to compete in the 4500m head race with glorious sunshine!
All the girls came home with a medal winning the WJ14 4x+ (19:04.76) with Lily, Innes, Martha Lucy and Alex as a cox.
Lily also won the WJ14 2x in a composite with SPRC (19:24.01) and  Martha with Lucy were 3rd (21:01.10 and Innes with Alex were 4th (22:25.14) in the same category.
Lily was 2nd in the WJ14 1x (21:21.83)
Martin was 3rd in the Vet 2x in a composite with SPRC (18:09.77) and 2nd in the mixed Vet 4x (17:21.07) and 4th in the Vet singles.         all results       photos by David Nolan    LLRC photos   

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Scottish Schools Head was held on the 26th/27th September on the Forth & Clyde Canal at Dallatur
scottish school headOn Saturday in the 1st division we had Lily, Lucy, Innes, Martha and Alexandra competing for Balfron High in the SG U-14 4x+ and WINNING in a time of 15.05.7. They also were joint winners of the Peter Grieve memorial trophy! - WELL DONE!
In the 2nd division, the same quad (except Martha coxed instead of Alex) now competing for Loch Lomond were 2nd in the WJU U-14 4x+ (15.21).
On Sunday in the 1st division, this time Innes was coxing the quad with Lily, Lucy, Alex and Martha and the girls were the WINNERS in the SGU-14 4x+ and Ju 14 4x+.
scottish school head
In the 2nd division Alex and Martha WON the SGU-14 + WJU-14 double in 16.41min with Innes and Lucy getting 2nd place (17.21). Jemma and Evie were 6th in the SGU-16 double in 17.13.
Lily was 2nd in the SGU-14 1x in 16.46min
 photos by Martha's dad  Scottish School head race result   Scottish Schools Sculling Head results   Junior Head race result   David Nolans Photos  1   2   3   4    LLRC photos               

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World Masters Regatta 2015


The World Rowing Masters Regatta 2015 was held at Hazewinkel, Belgium on September 10-13th 2015. 3500 rowers from around the world (47 countries) aged 27 to 89 gathered for the event. LLRC had 2 entries (Martin Claxton and Eva Rankin) targeting the C to F (43-65 year old) age band. The format of the regatta is for eight lanes of racing over 1000 meters, no heats, all straight finals with only a winners prize.

First up on Thursday was Eva Rankin getting a second place in the E single (55-59 year band), followed by a 5th place in the much younger category (43-50) of WC4x with Sarah Payne (Wycliffe BC), Joy Skipper (Upper Thames) and Gill Prescott (Durham).

On Friday Eva had 4 races and the racing started with a WIN in the WD4x with Ailie and Liz (Strathclyde Park) and Gill (Durham). Eva than had a 5th place in the WE2x with Joy (Upper Thames) and the WF4x was a very close fought race between the USA and Germany/Norway. At the end USA won by just a second with Eva, Joy, Gill and Annie Ponsonnet(Port Marly France) in second place. After 3 races already, Eva competed in her single in the WD1x and her legs felt all the previous races and she was 4th.

Martin had one race on Friday and he was 6th in his single in the E1x.

Saturdays racing yielded 2 excellent WINS for Eva in the WF2x (Annie from France) and WE4x (with Joy, Sarah, Gill). The WE4x had to be decided by a photo finish against a crew from the Netherlands. Eva also had a second place in the WD2x with Gill.

Martin also had 3 races on Saturday and he was 5th In the MC4x (Graham Troy, Jonathon Morrison, Peter Venables) with SPRC and in the ME4x with SPRC and 2 Canadians. He was 7th in the MD2x with Graham from SPRC.

Sunday, the final day of racing, was the mixed gender events. There were more than 450 mixed entries taking the total number of seats for the whole weekend up to 11,267 – a new record for the masters regatta.

Eva managed to WIN another medal in the Mixed F4x with Gill and John Appleby from Durham and Gordon Kerr from Nithsdale and she was 3rd with Les Johnston (Clydesdale) in the mixed F2x.

All Scottish wins were:

Ailie Ord (SPRC) - 6 medals (WD4+, WE2x, WC2x, WC2-, WD4x, Mixed F2x)

Eva Rankin (Loch Lomond) - 4 medals (WD4x, WE4x, WF2x, Mixed F2x)

Liz Davidson (SPRC) - WD4x

Gordon Kerr (Nithsdale) - Mixed F4x

St Andrew / Edinburgh (Tom Duke, Rob Connolly, Iain Wilson, Colin Williamson, Laurence Edwards) MC4+


Masters C represent a crew with average age 43-50, Masters D is 50-54, Masters E is 55-59, F is 60-64

Next year’s World Rowing Masters Regatta heads to Copenhagen, Denmark from 8-11 September 2016. event:http://www.worldrowing.com/events/2016-world-rowing-masters-regatta/event-information

In 2017 the event will be in Bled, Slovenia and in 2018 it will head to Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida, USA.

Hopefully more LLRC members are thinking of taking part in the World Masters in the near future!

All results are: Thursday   Friday    Saturday    Sunday  For LLRC photos go to our photo page and for all photos: Sport Graphics    

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British Junior Championships in Strathclyde Park 18th + 19th July 2015
britishbritishAlexander, Cameron Thomas, Martha and Lily represented LLRC at the British Junior Championships at Strathclyde Park. On the first day everyone had to race a timetrial in cold and very windy conditions.
Alexander was 4th in the time trial in the OJ14 1x and after catching a crab 5th in the semi final (9:04.1) and 2nd in the 'B' final (8:37.8).
Martha and Lily were 8th in the time trial in the WJ14 2x and 5th in the semi final (9:08.3) and 2nd in the 'B' final (8:51.7).
Cameron and Thomas were 11th in the time trial in the OJ16 2x and  5th in the semi final (7:43.2) and 5th in the 'B' final (7:40.2).
Well done to all of the juniors - they did extreamly well in their first ever British Junior Champs!
  all results     LLRC photos   

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Henley Masters Regatta 10th and 11th July

Eva went all the way south to enjoy the sunshine and compete in the Henley Masters. In both of her events (WD4x and WE4x) she had heats, semi finals and finals. In the WE4x, Alie and Liz (SPRC) and Gill (Durham) helped her to WIN comfortably. The final in the WD4x with Gill and Helen (Durham) and Joy (Upper Thames) was a very close race, but the quad managed to pull away at the end, winning by 2/3 of a length.
Other Scottish medals were won by Ailie (SPRC) who won the WC2x with Sally and St Andrew won the C4+

LLRC photos         all results      Big blade photos

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talkin tarn

Eva traveled down to Talkin Tarn regatta on Saturday 4th July to enjoy sunny, but windy conditions and great racing.

She WON in the Mixed double (E) with Les from Clydesdale.  All results  photos   

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Scottish Championships and Scottish Schools' Championships13/14th June 2015
scottish champsscottish champs
Brilliant result from our Juniors! 3 Scottish Champions (WJU13 1x, WJU13 2x, WJU13 4x) and 2 Scottish School Champions (WJU14 2x, OJU16 2x).
Lily had a very busy Champs by winning the WJU13 singles (4:51.18), the WJU13 doubles (4:40.02) with Martha and the WJU13 quad (4:50.61), also with Martha and Innes, Alex and Lucy.
scottish champsIn the WJU14 2x Lily and Martha were 2nd (4:16.55) and were awarded the Scottish Schools' Champion title (Balfron High School).
In the WJU12 2x Innes and Alex had a brilliant row for 2nd place.
Alexander was 3rd in his heat in the OJU14 1x (4:24.62) and 3rd in the final (4:22.88) and 2nd in the Scottish Schools' Champs. After cruising through the heats (4:07.02), he was 2nd in the final in the OJU14 2x (4:09.19) in a composite with Castle Semple (Craig).
Cameron and Thomas did the time trial and final over 2000m in their singles and both clocked a good time (8:50.71, 9:12.20). Both boys were 1st in their heat (3:54.40) in the ONov 2x and just missed out on the Gold medal getting 2nd in the final (3:59.26).
In their OJU16 double they were 3rd (8:12.12), and were awarded the Scottish Schools' Champion title!
Martin was 3rd in OVetC/D 2x (4:21.26) and 2nd in the OVetCD 4x (3:42.89) and he had a good race in the OVetD-F 1x.
WELL DONE to everyone - Great result!   
 all results - short version   all results - long version    LLRC photos   David Nolan's photos: Saturday  Sunday   Snapper Ron's photos          

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British Masters Championships at Nottingham
13 June 2015
Eva decided to go south to compete in the British Masters Champs instead of the Scottish. The weather was very wet, it rained all day, but the water was very nice to row in. Eva won 3 GOLD medals, one in the WE2x (4:04.91) with Gill from Durham, one in the WE4x (3:52.11) with Gill,
Joy from Upper Thames and Sarah from Wycliffe and one in the mixed E/F4x (3:39.82) with Helen and John Appleby from Durham and Tom Bishop.   all results    photos     

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Castle Semple Regatta 30th May 2015
It was a very long day at the regatta, with the sun shining most of the time, but very strong winds. Our Juniors again did very well with the WJ13 girls winning 3 races and J14 winning one race.
WJ13 4x (Lily, Martha, Alexandra, Innes and cox Alex) WON by some lengths.
The WJ13 2x (Lily and Martha) WON easily and Innes and Alexandra were 6th in the same race.
catlew semplecastle semple
Lily dominated the field in her WJ13 single final despite the very strong head wind. Alexandra was trying out the training scull over 250m and was 3rd.
After winning the heat in the J14 2x (Alex and Craig from CSRC), the boys WON the final easily - WELL DONE. Alex also won his heat in the J14 singles and was 3rd in the final. 
The boys, Cameron and Thomas had some very tough racing and the field in the R2 double was very strong and they finished 6th. In the J16 double they were 2nd in their heat and managed to hold on to 3rd place in the final. Cameron was 5th in the R2 1x and 4th in his heat in the J16 1x. Thomas was 5th in the J16 1x.
In the senior age group Martin was in a composite in the R2 4x+ and got beaten by a lot younger guys. In the OVet 2x D/F Martin and Graham unfortunately had to give away a big handicap to the older composite crew of Eva and Les and never made up the difference over the 1000meters. Eva raced in the R1 Mixed 2x with Les and was 4th. She also raced in the WVet 2x with Liz (SPRC), but got beaten.
WELL DONE TO EVERYONE - weather conditions were not easy!

LLRC photos    Martha's dads photos David Nolan's photos   all results     

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Glasgow Summer Regatta 23rd May 2015
glasgowglasgowWell done to all Loch rowers who dominated the Ju14 age group.
Lucy and Alexandra ventured out for their first race in training singles and in the Loch v Loch final, Alexandra WON over the 250m.
Alex WON the OJu14 2x in a composite with Craig (CSRC) and just beat Lily in the final of the OJU14 1x.
The JU14 girls (Martha, Innes, Alexandra, Lucy and Lily) raced the quad the first time and came away with a WIN!

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Clydesdale Regatta 9th May 2015
Our juniors, Lily, Martha, Alex, Cameron and Thomas represented LLRC and won 4 races!
Lily and Martha WON their heat, semis and than the final against St Andrews in the WJU14 2x. Lily also WON the WJU14 1x final against Clydesdale! WELL DONE!
Alex in a composite with Castle Semple in the OJU14 2x WON his heat, semi and than the final against Glasgow School. He also WON his heat and semi in the OJU14 1x, but narrowly missed out winning the final against Clydesdale.
Cameron and Thomas were very busy with entering MRes2 singles, MRes2 doubles, OJU16 singles and OJU16 doubles. After winning the semi in the OJU16 2x, they WON the final against Castle Semple. In the MRes2 2x the boys made it to the final, but the older crew from Glasgow Uni were too strong for them.   
all results    some photos taken by Ian  David Noland photos     

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sprc regattasprc regattaStrathclyde Regatta 25/26 April 2015
On Saturday LLRC managed to get some medals, despite the high wind and waves.
On Sunday we had no medals, but some very good performances from the juniors, who didn't seam to mind the weather.
Lily and Martha completely ignored the high waves and WON their race (WJu 13 2x) by a considerable margin. WELL DONE!
Alex was 2nd in his heat in the OJu 14 1x in 4:28.60 and was 3rd in the final getting a bronze medal!
Eva raced in a composite (SPRC/Durham) and WON the WVet B-D 4x and she also WON the WVet E single, which was more like trying to stay upright in the high waves.
Cameron and Thomas just missed out on a place in the final by getting 4th place in their heat in the ORes 2 double. In the OJu 16 singles, Cameron was 4th (8:49.20) and Thomas was 5th (8:38.10) in their heats.
The next day Thomas and Cameron raced in the ORes2 1x and they both got 4th places in their heats. In the OJu16 2x they were 3rd in 7.58.67.
Lily had a brilliant race in her WJu13 single and just missed out winning by a canvas - 2nd place in 4:35.88
Alex raced in a composite crew (Castle Semple) in OJu14 2x and was 2nd in their heat (4:00.54) and 3rd in the final in 4:02.33.

all results: Saturday, Sunday    LLRC photos, photos Martha's dad took
 David Nolan's photos  Saturday  Sunday   Snapper Ron's photos       You tube video of the rough water on Sunday 

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Nithsdale regattaNITHSDALE 150th Anniversary REGATTA
11th April 2015
6 LLRC juniors ventured to Dumfries to take part in the Nithsdale Regatta, which is rowed on the river Nith. All events were rowed over 750m downstream.
All juniors came back with one or two medals and a trophy. WELL DONE!

For some photos go to our 'photo' page
nithsdale regatta
Lily and Martha WON WNov 2x and WJu13 2x and were awarded the Castle Loch trophy for the Womens Novice win! Brilliant!
Cameron and Thomas WON the ONov 2x
Heather and Robyn WON the WR2 2x
Well done to all the juniors - their commitment and hard winter training is showing!

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subc headSUCB Head Race - 14th February 2015   
Only two junior boys entered the 4000m course down the Clyde and they did really well. Cameron and Thomas were the only OJu 16 2x entered and they clocked 16.25min for the 4000m. WELL DONE!      all results   David Nolan's photos       

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