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Loch Lomond Rowing Club -  RESULTS 2012

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tyne riverRutherford Head 1st December 2012 on the river Tyne
Eva went down to England to race over 5000m on the river Tyne from Scotswood to Newburn in a coxless veteran quad with Gill Prescott from Duham and Ailie Ord and Liz Davidson from SPRC. The conditions were sunny, but very cold, specially on the start!
In the 1st Dev. the quad was the fastest veteran women quad, 2 1/2 minutes ahead of their opponent.
All results    

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17 / 18th November Inverness Head
LLRC juniors and veterans enjoyed 2 days racing on the Caledonian Canal
in Inverness over a 4500m course from Dochgarroch to the Inverness Rowing Club Clubhouse.
On Saturday, Ben, Oliver, Finlay, Heather and Rachel (cox) were 2nd in the OJU 14 4x+ in a good time of 17:20.1min
Sunday results:
In the first Division: OJU 16 singles - Oliver 7th in 19:25.1min and Ben 8th in 19:37.2min
Lucy and Rachel raced in a double in the WJU16 and were 3rd in 20:09.6min
In the mens Vet category Martin was second in 20:29.5min (21:26.5min) and Paul was 3rd in 21:27.4 (22:05.4min)
In the second Division in the OJU 16, Oliver and Finlay raced in a double and were 3rd in 17:11.5min and Heather and Rachel were 9th in 20:57.3min and Lucy was 8th in 22:15.6min in her single.
Martin and Paul were 3rd in the MVet 2x in 18:46.1min (19:38.1min)
Tom Claxton, now racing for EUBC, was the fastest OJU 18 1x in 17:12.6min!
Roy Sincla's photos and all results can be found on the Inverness web page

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girls6th October Clydesdale Scullers Head
Approx. 4km on the Clyde from the straight upstream of Dalmarnock Bridge to Glasgow Green.
In the first Division LLRC had Oliver (OJU16) getting 20th overall in 16.28min, Ben(OJU16) 32nd in 16.54min, Finlay (OJU16) 36th in 17.12, Ryan WINNING the OJU14 in 17.38min, Martin (Vet D) 18.25min, Paul (Vet C) in 19.16min and Lucy (WJU16) in 20.00min - all in single sculls
In the second Division, Oliver and Finlay were 2nd fastest in the OJU16 2x age group (15.52min) and Lucy and Rachel also were 2nd fastest in the WJU16 2x age group (18.35). Paul and Martin in the MVet D managed to get down the course without hitting any trees in 17min.
All the results and David Nolans photos and photos from Malcolm Prescott GRC         

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world masters 2012
6 - 9. September 2012 Duisburg / Germany  
Some 3000 masters rowers (44 countries, 394 cities and 543 rowing clubs) competed in perfect weather and water conditions in Duisburg to win medals.
Eva raced in 9 races and WON her WD single and she also WON in the WE Quad in a composite with Ailie Ord, Gill from Durham and Jacky from Barns Bridge Ladies. The WE2x and WF2x and WD4x and Mixed F4x were all very close seconds.
All results can be found here and some photos from the event
world master duisburg

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Inverness sprint


Some LLRC members ventured up north to compete on the Caledonian Canal in hot sunny conditions with light winds, racing over 500m.
Lucy Bell competed in her first ever single scull race (WJU14 1x) and she WON her heat, semi final and the FINAL! - WELL DONE!
In the WJU14 2x with Rachel, unfortunately they got beat in the final.  In the OJU16 2x with Ryan (they are both under 14) - they didn't make it to the semi finals.

Ryan Morrison competed in the older age group (OJU16 1x)  and he did very well by winning his heat and his semi-final but in the final the under 16 year old from Castle Semple was stronger and beat him.
Tom Claxton WON his OJU18 1x final and the MIX Res 2 2x with Jennifer Ord from SPRC and the MRes 2- with Greham Ord from SPRC.
Martin won his heat in MVet 1x but was beat in the semi finals.
all results    LLRC photos by Donna Bell    photos from Roy Sinclair       

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10/07/2012Eva drove all the way down to Henley to compete in the "Henley Masters Regatta" on Friday + Saturday 6th and 7th July. The weather was very changeable with heavy outbursts of rain and the surrounding grounds were very muddy. Winning the semi-finals in WE1x saw Eva through to the finals against a sculler from Christchurch RC. Eva defended her title well by winning by 5 lengths.
Other Scottish medals were won by Ailie Ord (Strathclyde Park), who won 2 medals with Gill Prescott (Durham) in WD2x and WC2x.
all Henley results
henley 2012Henley 2012

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On 14/15 July Tom Claxton raced in Nottingham in  a coxless 4 (composite with Strathclyde Park) in the British Rowing Championships resulted in a Silver Medal and was selected as a member of the Scotland Junior Menís 8 and coxless 4 crews to represent Scotland at the Home Countries International Regatta in Cardiff on the 21/22 July. The international regatta (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland) is a demanding test of strength and team work as with no heats or elimination rounds for each boat category the crews have only one chance to beat their rivals so the racing is fast and furious. 

Despite their average age being younger than their competition, Tom and his crew mates from around Scotland put in sterling performances and whilst not gaining any medals they were by no means outclassed with under two boat lengths spanning the finishing positions of all four countries in both events.

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Loch Lomond now has 3 Scottish Champions with a total of 5 gold medals.
Oju15 2xIn the OJU13 age group Ryan Morrison WON his single  (4:31.60) and the double in a composite (Andrew Dunse) with Nithsdale (3:50.37).
In the WVet D/E age group, Eva WON her single (4:23.06) and the double with Ailie Ord (Strathclyde Park). Eva also did a double with Rachel Arnold (Clydesdale) in the WInt.2 category (8:43.50) and got 3rd.
In the OJU 18 age group, Tom Claxton WON in the composite 4x with Strathclyde Park. It was a fierce battle to the line, but they managed tostay ahead by 0.10sec. (6:37.30). Tom was also 3rd in his single scull (7:46.90), 2nd in the double scull with Graham Ord (Strathclyde Park) (7:20.90) and 3rd in the pair (7:54.40).
In the OJU14 age group, Lucy Bell and Rachel Gillies were 5th in their double (4:27.90). Oliver Monteith was 4th in the heat and just missed out  to get into the final of the single sculls (4:03.50).

Finlay Watson WON his heat and was 5th in the final (4:16.70). The quad with Finlay, Mark, Lucy, Ryan and 
Rachel (cox) were 4th (4:03.20). Oliver competed in the same event in a composite with Nithsdale and Stirling and unfortunately just lost by 0.02seconds (3:34.50)!
In the OJU15 age group, Ben and Oliver were 4th in the double scull (3:53.21).
In the Vet B/C age group, Allan and Andy did very well to get 2nd place in the double scull (3:44.51) and in the singles, Allan was 2nd (4:02.60) and Andy was 4th (4:10.00).
all results   LLRC photos  David Nolans pictures                                                            

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20/05/2012Castle Semple Regatta 19th May
grahamOJU 14 2x (Ryan and Mark) were 4th  
WJU 14 2x (Lucy and Rachel) were 3rd
OJU 14 1x (Oliver) was 2nd in the heats and 2nd in his FINAL
OJU 14 4X+ (Ryan, Oliver, Mark, Lucy and Rachel/cox) were 3rd
OJU 15 2x (Mark, Oliver) were 2nd
Adaptive 1x (Graham) a draw
junior14 4x

OJU 13 1x (Ryan) WON, WVet 1x (Eva) WON, WVet 2x (Eva, Ailie) WON                

some LLRC photos are now on flickr  David Nolan's photos and full results

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Several juniors took part in the recent Clydesdale Summer Regatta on 12th May. A small number of entries from other clubs meant limited opposition but the event provided useful race experience for some of the newer club members. 
Oliver Monteith
WON through three rounds of the OJU14 1x event to gain a well deserved win in the final.  Ryan Morrison and Finlay Watson unfortunately felt the lure of the south bank of the river during their 1x heats which slowed their progress but Finlay won the applause of the spectators when despite capsizing after hitting the bank he determinedly got back into his boat and finished the race! 
The OJu14 2x was a straight "club" final for the crews of  Ryan Morrison and Finlay Watson against novice racers Lucy Bell and Mark Taylor.  Finlay and Ryan addressed the steering problems that had affected them earlier to WIN by a length with Lucy and Mark successfully overcoming their first race nerves to put in a promising performance. 

Ben Cartwright racing up an age category in the Ju16 1x had his first taste of a 1500m race and despite tangling with a tree branch was only defeated by a length.  Ben and Oliver also joined forces in the Ju16 2x and a mature performance against an older (and larger) crew sadly went unrewarded finishing down by 2 lengths.
Clydesdale regatta May 2012
Clydesdale regatta May 2012
Some photos taken by Donna, photos by M. Prescott, more photos and photos by Roy Sinclair, David Nolan's photos - All Results
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    OJU18 4x Strathclyde regatta 30/04/2012
    Loch Lomond Rowing Club managed to scoop up 7 GOLD Medals at the two day Strathclyde Regatta (28/29 April). The weather conditions were very variable and sometimes challenging with very cold gusty cross winds.
    TOM CLAXTON won 5 of our GOLD Medals with winning OJU18 singles, doubles with Greham Ord, 4x and 4+ in a SPRC composite and Mens Light Weight in a composite with Stirling University. WELL DONE TOM!!
    vetB Res2 Strathclyde regatta
    Eva Rankin won 2 MEDALS - one in the Vet single scull and the other one in VetB Res 2x with Liz Davidson from SPRC. She also was 3rd in the 2000m R1 1x.
    Alan McGregor and Andy Summers just missed out on a medal in the MVet 2x. Alan was also 2nd in the MVet singles and Andy was 3rd.
    Martin Claxton was 4th in a composite crew with SPRC in the MVet 4x.

    The Juniors did exteamly well and some races were very close.
    OJU14 4x+ - Oliver Monteith, Ryan Morrison, Finlay, Lucy Bell and Rachel - 3rd PLACE
    OJU15 4x+ - Oliver, Ryan, Finlay, Morgan, Lucy Bell - 6th PLACE
    OJU15 2x - Morgan Serpell and Finlay Watson - 5th PLACE
    OJU14 2x - Ryan and Oliver - 3rd PLACE
    In the OJU14 singles, Finlay had a good race in the heats, but didn't make it to the finals. Oliver was second in the heats and 4th in the finals.
    Ryan was just beaten to second place in hi the OJU13 singles.
    all results  LLRC photos are on our flickr page  and more photos are on Darroch Photography web site  David Nolan's photo                                    

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    This years Clydesdale 4's and 8's Head of the River Race was held on 10th March. Loch Lomond only had one entry in the second devision with  JU15 4x (Ryan, Oliver, Finlay, Morgan and Erin Denny - cox) and they came down the Clyde in 16:20min.
    all results  photos by David Nolan           

    The twice canceled Clydesdale Scullers Head finally took place on 11th March with Tom Claxton and Graham Ord (SPRC), rowing as OJU18 2x, producing the fastest time (15:37min) and winning the HoRR ! WELL DONE! 
    Tom also WON the OJU18 1x in a time of 16:03min and was 6th overall.
    Eva - WVet 1x - 17:54min, Martin - MVet 1x - 18:41min, Ryan OJU16 1x - 18:11min
       HoRR winner
    Photos by Malcom Prescott  Results - singles  doubles  

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    OJ18 8+ 18/02/2012    Macrae & Dick Inverness Eights and Small Boats Head
    Only 3 LLRC members ventured to Inverness to row on the Caledonian Canal for 4500m. The weather conditions were very mixed with some sunshine and strong winds between the snow showers. It was very cold!
    Tom Claxton rowed in the 1st Division in a composite 8+ with SPRC and Clydesdale in the OJU18 and was the 2nd fastest crew down the canal in 15:59.5min and winning the OJU18 category. In the 2nd Division he rowed MNov 8+ and was the 3rd fastest crew and fastest MNov 8+ in 16:53.8min.
    Martin Claxton rowed in the MVetD 1x in a time of 21:54.4min (22:47.4)   
    Eva Rankin rowed in a composite with Ailie Ord (SPRC) in WVetD 2x winning the veteran category in 18:54.8min (19.56.8min) 
    Results and Roy Sinclair's photos and some of LLRC photos.

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    SUBC medals  12/02/2012
    In very mild (for February) and calm conditions, 5 juniors and 1 veteran did extremely well in the SUBC 4s and Small Boats Head of the River Clyde from Dalmarnock to Glasgow Green, which is 4000m approx.
    In the 1st Division:
    Tom Claxton
    rowed with Graham Ord (Strathclyde Park) in M R2 2x and they were the 4th fastest boat crossing the line
    in 15:05min.
    The M J16 4x with Oliver Monteith, Finlay Watson, Ben Cartwright and Ryan Morrison negotiated the bends very well to finish in a time of 16:12min.

    SUBC junior 16
    Eva Rankin just lost by 3 sec to win the W R2 1x in 18min.
    In the 2nd Division:
    Tom rowed with Strathclyde Park in M Nov 4+ and WON this category in a time of 16:54min.
    The 4 Juniors all rowed in MJ16 1x and Ben was the fastest J16 home in18:43min, than Oliver in 19.06min, than Ryan in 20.38min and than Finlay in 21min.
    Eva was the only entry in the WVetE 1x and she did well not getting stuck in the bushes in a time of 17:51 (19:13min).

    For all results go to Results. Malcom Prescott from GRC has a large selection of photos from both divisions,
    LLRC photos are on our 'photos' page

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       SCOTTISH INDOOR ROWING CHAMPIONSHIPS - Sunday 29th January 2012 at Heriot-Watt University,

      A very large Loch Lomond team with 16 Juniors, went to Edinburgh to compete in the Indoor Rowing Championships and they did extremely well and came home with 6 medals!

      Junior Girls Under 12 rowing for 2min: 3rd PLACE - Chiara Roberston - 421m
                                                                 5th PLACE - MacKenzie Serpell - 404m

                                                                 9th PLACE - Sophie Monteith - 376m

      Junior Girls Under 13 rowing for 2min: 5th PLACE -  Erin Denny - 410m

      Junior Boys Under 14 rowing for 3min: 2nd PLACEMark Taylor - 789m
                                                                   3rd PLACE -
    Ryan Morrison - 760m                             

      Junior Girls Under 14 rowing for 3min: 12th PLACE - Lucy Bell - 702m
                                                                  14th PLACE - Rachel Gillies - 642m     

      Junior Boys Under 15 rowing for 4min: 10th PLACEMorgan Serpell - 1058m
                                                                   12th PLACEOliver Monteith - 1044m
                                                                   13th PLACEFinlay Watson - 1043m      
                                                                   24th PLACE 
    - Tom Crawford - 797m

      Junior Boys Under 16 rowing for 5min: 14th PLACEBen Cartwright - 1248m 

     Junior Boys Under 17 rowing for 2000m:3rd PLACE - Tom Claxton - in an excellent time of 6:51.8

    indoor rowing champs

    indoor champs
    indoor champs

                       11th PLACEBen Brown - 7:43.2
                       14th PLACE - Arran Pursey - 8:28.8

    The Under 19 Boys team (Tom Claxton, Ben Cartwright, Ben Brown, Aaron Pursey) were an excellent 2nd over 2000m in 6:36.7 and 
    the Under 15 A team (Ryan Morrison, Oliver Monteith, Finley Watson, Morgan Serpell) were 3rd over 1000m in 3:26.6 and the B team (Rachel Gilles, Erin Denny, Lucy Bell and a girl from SPRC) were 11th in 4:17.6

    Photographs are on Darroch Photography or facebook and more photos are on Committee of the Dee website LLRC photos    You can find all results in PDF format here.

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    indoor champs


    In the Irish Indoor Rowing Champs. in Dublin on the 13th November, Allan McGregor rowed in Men 40 - 49 Lwt category and  gained a BRONZE MEDAL in a time of 6:54.2min over 2000m.

    In the Welsh Indoor Rowing Champs. in Cardiff on the 3rd December, Allan rowed in the Men's Open Lwt and got a SILVER MEDAL in 6:46.8min over 2000m. In the Men's Lwt 40 - 49 he was 4th in a time of 6:52.9min.
    Well done Allan!

    For all results go to the Concept 2 page.

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    Racing licences

       are due for renewal. All LLRC members, please complete an Application form and leave it (with a cheque
       payable to Scottish Rowing) at the clubhouse or send to Mairi Watson(secretary) as soon as possible and before 13th January.

       Notes to Application Form

       The fees for 2012 are £39 for Seniors (over 18), £28 for Students (over 18 but in full time education),
       £21 for Juniors (under 18) and £8 for cadets (under 14).

       Mairi will send all of them off at the beginning of January.

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