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Loch Lomond Rowing Club -  RESULTS

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   INVERNESS FOURS AND SMALL BOATS HEAD - 14th/15th November 2009

   4 Loch Lomond Members entered for the competition, but unfortunately Eva and Emma never made it to Inverness. Their
   car broke down just before Fort William and they spent Saturday and Sunday arranging transport and towing the car
   back to Helensburgh. So, Tom and Martin were the only Loch Lomond rowers at Inverness and they did very well!

   Tom Claxton - 4th in OJ16 1x - 20:58.8
                              3rd in OJ16 2x (composite with SPRC) - 20:45.5

   Martin Claxton - 2nd in MVet 1x - 20:11.3 (21:13.3)
                                  5th in MR2 1x - 21:50.7

Photos from the Inverness Rowing Weekend are on Niall Darroch's website.

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   Loch Lomond was well presented at this event, braving the rain and the cold and the wind!

   Photographs on the 'Photo' page and all results

   First Devision

   Allan McGregor - WON the 1xMVetB,C,D - 10:17.8

   Andy Summers - 2nd in 1x MVetB,C,D - 10.45.6 (10:56.6)

   Martin Claxton - 3rd in 1xMVetB,C,D - 10.51.9 (11:23.9)

   Paul Arnold - 4th in 1x MVetB,C,D - 11:02.7 (11:24.7)

   Tom Claxton - 2nd in 1x MNov - 10:56.9

   Joe Sartine - 4th in 1x MNov - 11:25.0

   Emma and Eva Rankin - 3rd in 2x WNov - 11:31.3

Second Devision

Eva Rankin - 3rd in 1xWNov - 11:51.7


Third Devision

Allan McGregor and Andy Summers - 1st in 2xMVet - 9:16.0 ( 9:38.0)
there were only two entries, so no prizes!

Tom Claxton - 3rd in 1xMJ15 - 10.50.0

Martin Claxton - 3rd in 1xMR2 - 11:24.0

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   Loch Lomond was well presented at the Scullers Head at Glasgow Green. We had 9 single sculls racing and 4 double
   sculls. Fortunately the weather was very kind to us and it was warm and nearly windstill. LLRC photos.
All Results 1x 2x


   Allan McGregor - 2nd in MVet B - 17.26min

   Andy Summers - 2nd in MVetC - 18.01min

   Michael Yeomans - 4th in MVetC - 18.12min

   Tom Claxton - 5th in OJu 16 - 18.16min

   Martin Claxton - 2nd in VetD - 18.22min

   Paul Arnold - 5th in VetC - 18.59min

   Joseph Sartine - 4th in MNov - 19.24min

   Eva Rankin - 4th in WNov - 20.20min after
   getting stuck in some bushes

   Denis Harkins - 5th in MVetF - 20.43min


Andy Summers + Allan McGegor - WON the MVet - 15.29min and 8th place overall!

double.jpg (93633 bytes)

Tom Claxton + Afuakwah (Castle Semple) - 3rd in OJU16 - 17.09min and 24th place overall

David Wilson + Michael Yeomans - 4th in MVet - 17.37min and 30th place overall

Eva Rankin + Emma Rankin - 2nd in WNov - 18.21min and 39th place overall

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   BOSTON MARATHON 20th September 2009 - a  50km race from Licoln to Boston
P1010204a.jpg (68983 bytes) 2 Loch Lomond Rowing Club members have been clocking up lots of miles on Loch Lomond in their single sculls, in preparation for the 50km row in Boston.

They did brilliantly with Tom Claxton winning his J15 age group and setting a new course record in 4:34.42 hours.

Martin Claxton was second in VetD age group in 4:51.39 hours. All results are on the Boston Rowing Marathon web-page. LLRC photos Jet Photography

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The FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta 3rd - 6th September 2009

Eva Rankin got second in the WD4x with crewmates from 2 English clubs, Mortlake and Sons of the Thames and Ailie Ord in the stroke seat - 3:41.89

WD1x.jpg (212794 bytes)

In both of Eva's singles she got 4th place. One was rowed in very calm conditions (4:25.62),  the other straight into a gail force headwind.

In her WD2x, WC2x (4:04.41), WC4x(3:46.83) (all with English crewmates) and in the MixE2x she was placed 5th.

W4Dx.jpg (127965 bytes)

In her WE2x with a dutch crewmember she was placed 6th. For photos go to the photo page
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Inverness Sprint Regatta - 15th August 2009

Just 4 Loch Lomond members went to the Inverness Sprint and they brought home 3 first places! All results on the Inverness Results page and LLRC photos on the Photo page (Photos courtesy of Joe's dad)

LLRC results:

Tom Claxton WON his semi final in the OJ14 1x and WON the FINALS!
rowed in the OJ14 4x+ composite with SPRC and the

Joseph Sartine WON his heat in the MNov1x, had a row through for the semi finals and WON his FINALS!

Martin Claxton lost in his semi-finals in the VetD1x race.

Alisdair Docwra and Martin Claxton lost in the final in the VetD2x race.

Joseph Sartine rowed in the MNov2x composite with SPRC and lost in the semi-finals.

Tom Claxton, Joseph Sartine, Martin Claxton, Alisdair Docwra entered in the Gen 4x+ but lost in the semi-finals.


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Only 7 Loch Lomond members made it down to Dumfries to compete at the Nithsdale Regatta on 27th June 2009
It was a lovely warm and relaxing day with some good racing. Loch Lomond got one medal with the Junior U14 double scull (composite with Castle Semple).

LLRC photos are on the Photo page

LLRC results:

Mixed VetD Quad with Martin Claxton, Denis Harkins, Eva Rankin and Helen Cairns lost in the semi finals

Christopher Edwardson lost his semi-finals in the under 11 aquajog

Tom Claxton WON his heat in the U14 1x, but lost his semi-finals.
He WON his heat in the U14 2x  and won his semi-finals and WON the FINALS! - Well done!

Eva Rankin WON her heat in the WR2 race, but lost in her final.

Martin Claxton WON his heat in the VetD1x race, but lost in the semi-finals.

Denis Harkins lost his seni-finals in the VetF1x race

Helen Cairns and Emma Rankin were side by side with their opponent to the half way mark, but lost at the end in their final of the WNov2x.

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SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIPS - Strathclyde Park 13/14 JUNE 2009

Alan medal.jpg (686213 bytes)

  All results are on the Scottish Rowing Site: Saturday, Sunday.

LLRC Photos from Saturday and Sunday are on the  Photo Page
more photos are on Niall Darroch's website. and on 
Snaper Ron's page

Saturday started off with a slight headwind, which changed into a tail wind, which developed into a slight crosswind. The sun was out most of the time.

Sunday was a lovely, sunny day too with a slight breeze and sometimes a side and tail wind.

Loch Lomond got now 4 Scottish Champions!

On Saturday, Tom Claxton just WON, after a photofinish, in his OJu14x, which was a composite with Strathclyde and Castle Semple! - 3:37.74

Also on Saturday Loch Lomond VetC 4+ with Paul Arnold, Andy Summers, Michael Yeomans, Allan McGregor - cox: Robbie Summers managed to hold on to their lead to WIN! - 3:38.06

On Sunday, Eva Rankin WON her VetD/E 1x easily in 4:34.32 minus 8 sec handicap.

Allan McGregor WON his VetB 1x race to become Scottish Champion in 3:55.34

OJU14 medal2.jpg (997309 bytes)
MVet2x medal.jpg (787553 bytes)
WVet medal.jpg (795323 bytes) MVet4+medal a.jpg (1041399 bytes)

Other Saturday Results:
Martin Claxton got 5th Place in his MNov 1x heat in 4:16.15

Tom Claxton was beaten into 4th Place by 10cm in his OJu14 heat and therefore could not compete in the final - 4:15.06

Emma Rankin and Helen Cairns did really well to hold on to 4th Place in their WNov 2x heat - 4.30.19

Eva Rankin was fighting all the way to the finish line to stay in 2nd Place in her W Int. 1x - 9.24.06

Paul Arnold, Andy Summers, Michael Yeomans and Allan McGregor finished 3rd in their VetC 4x - 3:47.25 minus 17sec handicap

Other Sunday Results:
Tom Claxton just missed out on a second place to get third in his OJU14 2x with Castle Semple - 3:46.54

Allan McGregor and Andy Summers got 2nd in the Vet 2x - 3:38.06 minus 7sec handicap - since there were 6 entries, second place got medals too!

Andy Summers was 3rd in MVetC 1x - 4:02.79

Paul Arnold was 4th in MVetC 1x - 4:24.59

Martin Claxton was 2nd in MVetD/E 1x - 4:21.43 minus 7sec handicap

Eva Rankin was 2nd in her WNov 1x heat in 4:22.40 and just missed out getting second place in the FINAL by 0.39sec - 4:16.42

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Martin castle semple.jpg (468752 bytes)

The sun was out, the hottest it has been for a long time, the water was calm first and than very challenging in places.
Loch Lomond was represented by a small number of members, who did really well and managed to get one medal! We all had a great day!

LLRC photos and all results

   Martin Claxton secured himself a place in the Men Nov1x final with a third place in his heat and got 5th in the final.
   Martin raced against club member Alisdair in the VetD 1x and WON - well done!

   Alisdair Docwra raced in the Mixed 2x and the VetD 2x (got second place) with friends from Cambridge.

   Andy Summers raced in the R2 1x and he sprinted all the way to second place in his VetC 1x race.

   Paul Arnold raced in the VetC 1x and got 5th place.

   Christopher Edwardson did extremely well negotiating the lanes and the waves and got 2nd place in the OJU11 Aqua.

   Eva Rankin entered WR2 1x and got 5th place.
   In her WVetC/D/E she got beaten into second place.
   Eva WON her WNov 1x and after a very hard fight just got beaten into 4th place in the final.

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Only a small number of LLRC members entered Clydesdale Regatta - we had some good results!
All results from the regatta are now available in pdf and excel formats

Martin Claxton WON his MNov Vet 1x final easily - WELL DONE!

Martin Claxton and Stephen Whyte(Vet B) racing in the MVet BCD2xheat had to give their opponent (Vet D) a big head start and never managed to gain it back.

Allan McGregor and Andy Summers (Vet C) racing in the MVetBCD2xfinal against NithsdaleARC VetD just didn't manage to catch them to the line.

Allan McGegor WON his MVetBCD1x heat and also WON his final! - WELL DONE!

Tom Claxton was racing in the MNov1x and he WON his heat and semifinals and just got beaten in the finals.
He also raced in the OJu14 and
WON his heat and semifinals and again just got beaten in his finals.

Christopher Edwardson for his first ever competitive race entered the OJu12 Beg1x and he did very well by completing the course with a smile!

Joseph Sartine competed in the MNov1x heat and due to some stearing problems never managed to get to the semifinals.

Eva Rankin WON her heats and semifinals in the WNov1x but after a 'blade' mistake got beaten in the finals.
She also got beaten in her WOpen1x final over 1500m

Photographs of LLRC members are on the Photo's page - more photographs are on David Nolan's flicker page

MVet2x.jpg (4969858 bytes)
MVet1x3.jpg (1238669 bytes)
OJU12 Beg4.jpg (859174 bytes)

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2 days of very windy rowing

Saturday started with good conditions, little wind and sunshine, but a strong cross-wind through the middle of the day lead to very choppy conditions through the middle of the 2k course.
Sunday was a similar story, with variable wind and unfortunately little sunshine.

LLRC results:

Martin Claxton         MNov 1x heat             4th place
                                  MVetD 1x final           3rd place

Tom Claxton             MNov 1x heat            2nd place            -        final 5th place
                                  OJu14 1x heat         1st place            -        final 3rd place
                                  OJu 14 2x heat          5th place

Eva Rankin              WR2 1x heat over 2000m        4th place -     final 6th place
                                  WVetD+E 1x final    1st place
                                  WNov 1x final             2nd place beaten by 2 seconds

Helen Cairns and Emma Rankin
                                  WNov 2x heat            6th place

Helen Cairns, Eva Rankin, Emma Rankin, Elaine Metcalf, cox-Lucy Metcalf            
                                 WNov4x heat             5th place

All results - Saturday and Sunday, LLRC photographs are on the PHOTO page. More photos on Snapper Ron's page.


junior scull heatl1.jpg (1326231 bytes)
WVet7.jpg (825934 bytes)

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Inverness Small Boats Head - Saturday 21st February 2009 - 4500m on the Inverness Canal in sometimes very windy and wild conditions

Only 3 Loch Lomond members managed to get up to Inverness for some good competition on the canal!

Martin Claxton       MNov 1x                 21.53.91min

Eva Rankin            WVetD 1x              22.09.75min (23:50.75min) - taking it nice and easy!

Eva Rankin            WNov 1x                22.34.27min

Tom Claxton          OJ16 2x                 20.52.02min (with Alex Afuakwah from Castle Semple)

Tom Claxton        5000m SARA trial   23.15.68min

All results, LLRC photographs are on the 'photo page' and more photos from the second devision are on the 'Committee of Dee' website  (Tom + Eva - page 6) and some videos are on the 'members/regattas' page

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SUBC SMALL BOATS HEAD - Saturday 14th February 2009 - 4000m on the River Clyde in calm and bright conditions.

Only 3 Loch Lomond members took part in the race and they did very well!

Martin Claxton     MVetD 1x            17:43min (18:51min)

Tom Claxton        OpenJ14  1x        18:02min

Paul Arnold           MVetC 1x            18:21min (18:53min) - great to see Paul racing again after his illness!

Full results are available in pdf format - division 1 and division 2  and photographs are on David Nolan's Flickr page (Martin and Paul - page 2, Tom - page 8 + 9)

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Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships 2009 - Saturday 1st February 2009 at Heriot-Watt University,              Edinburgh.

A small Loch Lomond team (mainly juniors) went to Edinburgh to compete in the Indoor Rowing Championships.

Junior under 15 team with Tom and Ryan and 2 boys from Strathclyde Park RC - 1000m - 1st PLACE

Martin Claxton - men over 50 Hwt (this time competing for Defence Academy/RN/RC) - 1609m - 5:40.8 - SILVER MEDAL

Martin Claxton and Alisdair Docwra - men's team (RN RM ARA) with the Royal Navy - 2000m - 6:19.1 - BRONZE MEDAL

Tom Claxton - under 14 boys - 3min - 5th PLACE with 798m

Ryan Metcalf - under 15 boys - 4min - 8th PLACE with 1051m

Holly Lewis - under 15 girls - 4min  - 12th PLACE with 893m

Joseph Sartine - under 17 boys - 2000m - 14th PLACE with 7:35.9

Jack Yeomans (this time competing for the Backchat Youth Group) - under 14 boys - 3min - 10th PLACE with 712m


all Results and LLRC photos and more photos on www.darrochphotography.com - (click on Enter site - Galleries - Scottish rowing) and http://cofd.co.uk/images/Ergo_Champs/Ergo_Ch09/ErgCh094.html (72 - Ryan, 100 - Holly, 151 - Joe, 227, 243, 279 - boys team, 352 - Martin, 456, 472, 477 - men's team)  and even more photos on Committee of the Dee website - (Tom - page 2, Ryan - page 4, Holly - page 5 + 6, Joe - page 8, boys team 12 + 13, Martin - page 18, men's team - page 23 - 24)

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Vest Scullers Head 6th December 2008 - From Mortlake to Putney - 4.25miles

Ian and Alisdair Docwra entered the Scullers Head and did very well, considering that there were 435 single sculls entered!

Ian, start number 287, was 73rd (S4) in a time of 21:58:91 and

Alisdair, start number 466, was 321st (VetD) in a time of 24:13:13 - WELL DONE!

photographs of Ian and Alisdair can be viewed at http://www.bigblade-photos.com/rowing/events/2008/shor08/bydivision/466%20A%20Docwra%20Loch%20Lomond%20RC%20VD.html


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Clyde Head 29th November

Martin Claxton     MVet 1x         11:22:0

Tom Claxton        J15     1x        11:37:0

Joseph Sartine     J18      1x        12:02:0

Emma Rankin, Helen Cairn, Eva Rankin, Kate Revill - cox: Tom Claxton        Wnov  4x      10:36:0

Full results list can be found at this link.

Photographs can be viewed on Niall Darroch's Photo Website - Scottish Rowing Gallery and David Nolan's Flicker page third division and first division

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5 Loch Lomond Club members braved the winter blizzards and competed in the 
Inverness Small Boats Head 
on the Caledonian Canal on 9th November 2008

The full results can be found on the Inverness results page and some photographs on the Committee of the Dee Website page.

Alan Mc Gregor WON his MVet ABC 1x with a time of 19:14:11 - WELL DONE!!!

Thomas Gethin  MVet ABC    21:59:54

Alisdair Docwra MVet DEF   19:50:92

Martin Claxton  MVet DEF    20:17:45

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    inverness all2.jpg (3902940 bytes)


August 2008 - 500m HARCO Sprint at Inverness

A small Loch Lomond team went to Inverness to take part in the 500m sprint on the canal. Nearly everyone came home with at least one medal! - Well done!! Results can be found at the Inverness site.

Photographs on http://www.invernessrowingclub.co.uk/gallery_current/sprint_08/

LLRC Results:

M Nov. 1x             Tom Claxton raced against Joseph Sartine  in the Quater Final -

                            Joseph won by a "Bowball", but Joe lost in the Semi Finals

                            Steven Whyte won his Quater Final, but lost in his Semi Finals


M Vet A 1x             Tom Gethin was beaten in the Final


W Nov. 1x              Emma Rankin WON her Final - WELL DONE!


W Vet. 1x               Eva Rankin WON her Final - WELL DONE!


Adaptive 1x            Graeme Stuart WON his Final easily - WELL DONE!


Mixed Nov. 2x        Joseph Sartine & Emma Rankin were beaten in their final


M Vet ABC 4+        Alisdair Docwra, Stephen Whyte, Tom Gethin, Martin Claxton

                               were beaten in the Semi Finals


M Vet BC Quad x   Alisdair Docwra, Stephen Whyte, Tom Gethin, Martin Claxton - cox: Emma Rankin

                               WON their final - WELL DONE!


Mixed Nov. Quad x   Emma and Eva Rankin, Stephen Whyte, Martin Claxton WON their final - WELL DONE!


Gen R2  2x           Alisdair and Ian Docwra WON their Quater & Semi Final and their FINAL - WELL DONE!


Gen Nov. 2x         Emma and Eva Rankin WON their Heats, Quater Finals and Semi Finals


                             Martin and Tom Claxton WON their Heats, Quater Finals and Semi Finals


                             the FINAL was between Emma&Eva and Tom&Martin and Tom and Martin WON - WELL DONE!!


vet quad2.JPG (4960771 bytes) Evainverness08.JPG (2389036 bytes)

Winning Vet Quad - Alasdair Docwra, Stephen Whyte, Tom Gethin, Martin Claxton - cox: Emma Rankin

Winning Vet 1x - Eva Rankin

For more photos of LLRC members go to "Photos page"

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  14 / 15th June 2008 - Scottish Championships at Strathclyde Park


  LLRC Results:            A large number of photos can be viewed on the Committee of Dee website and LLRC photos here



  M Vet C-D 4+              Allan McGregor, Robert Young, Michael Yeomans, Andrew Summers - cox: Robbie Summers

                                      WON their final in 3:40.84 - WELL DONE!


  W Vet D 1x                  Eva Rankin

                                      WON in the Final in 4:41.35 - WELL DONE!


  M Vet A-C 4x                Allan McGregor, Robert Young, Michael Yeomans, Andrew Summers

                                       2nd Place in the Final in 3:31.73


  M Vet A-B 4+                Stephen Whyte, Thomas Gethin, Martin Claxton, Paul Arnold - cox: Tom Claxton

                                      3rd Place in the Final in 3:43.14


  W Nov. 2x                    Helen Cairns, Emma Rankin

                                      4th Place in the Semi-Finals in 4:49.38 and didn't get into the Finals


  OJu13 1x                     Tom Claxton

                                      2nd Place in the Semi-Finals in 4:26.94

                                      5th Place in the Final in 4:41.43


  OJu14 2x                      Tom Claxton, Ryan Metcalf

                                       3rd Place in the Semi-Finals in 4:11.55

                                      4th Place in the Final in 4:13.57


  M Vet 8+                        Stephen Whyte, Thomas Gethin, Martin Claxton, Allan McGregor, Robert Young,

                                       Michael Yeomans, Andrew Summer, Paul Arnold - cox: Joe Sartine

                                       2nd Place in the Final in 3:31.75


  W Nov. 4x+                   Elaine Metcalf, Eva Rankin, Helen Cairns, Emma Rankin - cox: Lucy Metcalf

                                       4th Place in the Semi-Finals in 4:35.27 and didn't get into the Finals


  M Nov. 2x                      Robert Young, Stephen Whyte

                                       3rd Place in the Semi-Finals in 3:56.53, but didn't get into the Finals


  M Vet A-B 2x                 Allan McGregor, Andrew Summers

                                       2nd Place in the Finals in 3:29.26



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