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NEWS 2009





   Allan McGregor entered the British Indoor Championships in Men 40 - 44 Lwt category and  gained a BRONZE MEDAL!    He rowed 6:42.6min over 2000m. Well done Allan! For all results go to the Concept 2 page.

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   Racing licences are due for renewal at the end of December. All LLRC members, please complete an Application form
   and leave it (with a cheque payable to Scottish Rowing) at the clubhouse before 13th December.

   Notes to Application Form

   The fees for 2010 are 36 for Seniors, 26 for Students, 19 for Juniors and 8 for cadets.

   Elaine will send all of them off during the last week in December and they’ll be processed in the first couple of days of the
   New Year.

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LLRC kit is now available from 

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As a few people are desperately looking for new gear the order window will shut on 29th November. The delivery time will be about 6 weeks.
To help you with the order download this document.

Future closing dates will be set later depending on demand.

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   INVERNESS Fours and Small Boats Head - 14th/15th November 2009 - LLRC results.   Photos  are on
   Niall Darroch's website.

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    Photographs from Clyde Small Boats Head -245h October 2009 are now up on David Nolan's flickr page. LLRC
    members can be found on page 2, 7 and 13!

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   The Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships will take place on Sunday 31st January 2010 at the Centre for Sport &
   Exercise, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

   There is an extra event of sprint racing over 500 metres for men and women in Open, Heavyweight and Lightweight
   categories. The age restricted events for seniors return to 1000 metres.

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   Clyde Small Boats Head - 24th October 2009 - LLRC results , all results and Photos

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   LLRC results for CLYDESDALE HEAD OF THE RIVER RACE FOR SCULLERS - 10th October 2009 are now
   on the rowing/results page and photo page.
All Results 1x 2x

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   10/10/2009       Clydesdale Sculers Head final draw

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  17th October - St Andrew/Edinburgh University Head of the Forth, Stirling, start time 3.30pm
   poster, entry form, information

   24th October - Clyde Small Boats Head  details
31st October - Aberdeen Fours Head Committee of the Dee website.
   1st November - Aberdeen Small Boats Head Committee of the Dee website
   7th November - Glasgow Rowing Club - Fours Head of the River 2009 -  information
   14/15 November - Inverness Fours and Small Boats Head - INFORMATION
   14th November - Fours Head (Tideway)*
   15th November - Veteran Fours Head (Tideway)*

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   BOSTON MARATHON was held on the 20th September - a  50km race from Licoln to Boston.
   Tom Claxton got first in the J15 age group and he set a new course record for that age group - brilliant!
   Martin Claxton got second in the VetD age group. LLRC results   photos and all results.

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  Clydesdale Scullers Head on the 10th of October   - closing date 5th October -   poster and entry form

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    The FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta was held last weekend on the 1000 metre rowing course
    on the New Danube in Vienna. It was an amazing regatta, with 41 nations taking part and 9600racing seats!
    The weather for racing was very mixed, with the first 2 days warm and calm and a bit of rain, and the next
    two days considerably colder with gale force winds creating waves with white horses. Indeed rowing was
    very challenging, especially on Saturday morning and trying to get onto the starting pontoon in a single
    scull was rather bouncy!

    There were some very good results from all Scottish rowers!

    Eva missed out on a gold medal by 2.95sec with the WD4x, stroked by Ailie Ord and crewmates from
    2 English clubs, Mortlake and Sons of the Thames. For more LLRC results go to the result page and
    photo page.

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  Martin and Tom Claxton are heading off to the Boston Marathon on the 20th September to race 50km from Licoln to
  Boston. We wish them good luck!

   Eva Rankin, as the only LLRC representative, is heading off to Vienna for the FISA World Rowing Masters from the
   3rd - 6th September. Good luck for all her races!

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   Inverness sprint regatta - 15th August -  results are now on the RESULTS page and LLRC photos on the
   PHOTO page

   FASKALLY COACHING WEEKEND on  23rd - 25th OCTOBER - If anyone from LLRC is wishing to go, please
   contact Stephen and he will need payment by Sunday 20th September 09. For more information see the poster.

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    Tom Claxton competed in the National Championchips in OJu4x+ in a composite crew with Strathclyde Park and Castle
    Semple in Nottingham last weekend. Unfortunately they did not make the final 12 (finished 16th) for the semi finals.
    Some photos from the official Nat. Champs photos.

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     Inverness sprint regatta on 15th August 2009:  Information and events 

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    Some photos from Henley Veteran Regatta 2009 - St Andrew BC and Strathclyde/Geo Watsons crews
and some photos from 'BigBlade' - Eva's race - Race 1

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   One of our Junior members has demonstrated what to do if you capsize on the Loch.
   Watch the slideshow on flicker

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  LLRC results for Nithsdale Regatta are now on the results page and photos on the photo page

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    Nithsdale Regatta on 27 June: The DRAW is now available.

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   Scottish Championships on 13/14 June: LLRC, Saturday results and photos are now available

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    Scottish Championships on 13/14 June: The FINAL DRAW is now available.

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  Castle Semple Regatta - 30th May - LLRC results, all results and photographs are now available

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    Castle Semple Regatta on the 30th May -     DRAW -  is now available

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Scottish Championships on 13th and 14th June 2009 at Strathclyde Park: Entry information for Scottish Championships 2009 is now available: conditions of entry - events list

Entries close at 5pm on Tuesday 2nd June!
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    Clydesdale ARC Regatta on 16th May 2009 - LLRC results are now on the results page - all results are available in pdf     and excel formats and LLRC members photos. - more photographs are on David Nolan's flicker page

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Clydesdale ARC Regatta on 16th May 2009 on the River Clyde, Glasgow Green: details for the regatta: poster, invite letter, events list, rules and competitors information.

Entries for this regatta close on Thursday 7th May. Could  LLRC members, who are seeking an entry let Martin know which events you wish to be considered for by 3rd May!

CASTLE SEMPLE REGATTA on 30th May 2009 on Lochwinnoch: details for the regatta: CSRC Regatta 2009 Poster , CSRC Regatta 2009 Events List , CSRC Regatta 2009 Conditions of Entry

Entries close at 9pm on Thursday 21st May!

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STRATHCLYDE PARK REGATTA 25 / 26 April 2009: All results- Saturday and Sunday and LLRC results. Photos of LLRC members can be viewed on the PHOTO PAGE. More photos on Snapper Ron's page

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Scottish Rowing Newsletter:

The 2nd issue of the Scottish Rowing Newsletter can now be downloaded.

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STRATHCLYDE PARK REGATTA 25 / 26 April 2009: The revised draw is now available.

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Attention Loch Lomond Rowing Club Members!

The club's Half Yearly meeting will take place on Sunday 19th April 2009 at 10.30am in the clubhouse. All members are encouraged to attend.

If you have anything for the agenda, then please let Stephen have it by Friday 17th April at the very latest.

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Junior rowing during school Easter holidays - for more information go to members/club news page

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Glasgow Spring Regatta 11th April 2009: Details and Information are now available.

Entries close on Sunday 5th April at 3pm. Could all LLRC members, who would like to enter, please let Martin or Stephen know before the closing date.

REMEMBER - STRATHCLYDE REGATTA entries for LLRC members need to be with Martin or Stephen by Sunday 11th April

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STRATHCLYDE PARK REGATTA: Details for the SPR 2009 on 25th/26th April are now on-line - poster and events.

Entries close on Tuesday 14th April at 5pm. Could all LLRC members, who would like to enter, have their entry and money with Stephen by Saturday 11th April 2009.

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Inverness Head 21st Feb. 2009: All results and LLRC Results . Videos are on the members/regattas page and some LLRC photos on the photo page and more photos from the second devision on the Committee of Dee website  (Tom + Eva - page 6)

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LLRC kit order needs to be with Stephen,  with payment by Sunday 22nd February 2009.

For more information go to members/news page

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Clydesdale Head: Details for the Clydesdale Head on 28th February are now on-line - poster, crew invite and entry form.

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Scottish Rowing Newsletter: The first edition of the Scottish Rowing Newsletter is now on-line.

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Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships 2009 took place on Saturday 1st February 2009 at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Results, Loch Lomond Results and LLRC photos and www.darrochphotography.com - click on Enter site - Galleries - Scottish rowing and Committee of the Dee website.

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Strathclyde University Small Boats Head takes place on Saturday 14th February 2009

4000m on the River Clyde!

For entry details and more information, please go to the 'members/regattas' page and entry info

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Inverness Eights and Small Boats Head takes place on Saturday 21st February 2009

For entry details and more information, please go to the 'members/regattas' page and download poster

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SARA Policies: A number of SARA policies have now been added/updated on the Scottish Rowing Downloads page.

Hire of SARA Boats: All clubs are reminded of the new boat hire charges of 3 per seat for use at Strathclyde Park and 7.50 per seat per day for taking the boat away. Further details are on the NRA Boat Fleet page.

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 The Scottish Indoor Rowing champs takes place at Heriot Watt University 1 Feb 09.  Entries close on 22nd January

Details and entry forms can be found at http://www.concept2.co.uk/nationals/scottish.php.

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   Attention, all LLRC members: Rowing licences are now due - download                Application Form   

   Notes to Application Form   - Seniors 35.00, Students 25.00, Juniors 18.00, Cadets 8.00  -   

     money (cheques made payable to SARA)and filled in application form to Stephen (LLRC club secretary) please

   Registration as a Strathclyde Park water user (and explanatory notes)