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Best Rowing Practice

As with all outdoor watersports there are safety issues in rowing which demand you listen to and act promptly on the advice of experienced coaches and rowers. Below are guidelines which MUST be adhered to in order to keep you and those around you safe.


1.       Arriving at the club house

1.1.    If allocated a time to arrive, arrive on time

1.2.    Bring appropriate clothing including a change of dry kit. This might include shorts/leggings/’T’shirt/long sleeved top/trainers but shouldn’t include anything very loose-fitting, or tops with side or front pockets.

1.3.    Juniors must arrange a time to be picked up by an adult when finished at the club

2.       In and around the club house

2.1.    Familiarise yourself with all safety and best practice guides, regulations and policies posted on the club house notice board

2.2.    Familiarise yourself with the maps of the River Leven and Loch Lomond also on the notice board

2.3.    Listen to and act promptly upon any instructions given by an experienced club member

2.4.    Refrain from using ANY gym equipment without proper supervision

2.5.    Refrain from touching, adjusting, or lifting rowing equipment without proper supervision

2.6.    Refrain from touching or tampering with any safety equipment

2.7.    Carefully follow instructions on how to lift, handle and maintain boats and associated rowing and gym equipment

3.       Before and during boating on the River Leven

3.1.    Ensure your outing has been recorded on the white board in the boat house

3.2.    Ensure the equipment is safe to use and report any defects to the Captain

3.3.    Carefully follow instructions on how to get into the boat and on basic rowing technique

3.4.    Show courtesy to the local residents by refraining from making too much noise, particularly on early morning outings

3.5.    Follow expected behaviour on the river in the boat and facing the bow, keep to the right hand side of the river alert and be aware of other river users emerging from jetties and slipways aware of fishing boats which frequently trawl in the river using long lines courteous to other water users ready to stop your boat at any time

4.       On Loch Lomond

4.1.    Stay within the red and green navigation buoys where the River Leven joins Loch Lomond, unless directed otherwise by an experienced rower or coach

4.2.    Stay within 50metres of whichever shore you’re directed to (normally Leeward)

4.3.    Unless accompanied by an experienced senior, stay within 500metres of the safety launch

5.       At any stage on the water

5.1.    Listen to and act promptly on any instructions given by the coaches, experienced rowers or the coxswain

6.       After rowing

6.1.    Wash down boats and equipment

6.2.    Report any equipment defects to the Captain

6.3.    Ensure your outing recorded on the whiteboard has been removed to let others know you have returned safely

6.4.     Juniors must be picked up promptly when finished at the club, as per prior arrangement